Air Navigation Commission

Air Navigation Commission

The Air Navigation Commission Talks (ANC Talks) were created as a means to allow the Air Navigation Commission (ANC) to engage with industry and aviation stakeholders to discuss different topics related to the future of aviation. The ANC Talks features interviews with distinguished guests that provide an overview of the topic at hand.

ICAO’s ANC considers and recommends Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) and Procedures for Air Navigation Services (PANS) for adoption or approval by the ICAO Council.

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Air Navigation Commission
  • The Safety Intelligence is done in the European Union

    During the ANC Talk presented by EASA on Safety Intelligence, attendees will gain insights into EASA's collaborative efforts with EU national authorities and industry partners to address safety concerns in the EU. The talk will explore (1) the rationale behind EASA's approach to Safety Intelligen...

  • FLYING WHALES : Airship innovation - A revolution in air cargo transport

  • EASA perspective on eMCO

    Andrea BOIARDI, Chief Expert, EASA
    Gianluca MELE, Flight Test Engineer, EASA
    Erick FERRANDEZ, EASA Representative to ICAO & Canada, EASA

    The ANC Talk by EASA in Extended Minimum Crew Operations (eMCO) will present how EASA tackles this concept, leveraging advanced auto...

  • AI Applications for the Next Age in Aviation

    Presenter: Dr. Antony Evans, Airbus UTM Director of System Design at Acubed

    AI Applications for the Next Age in Aviation” will be led by Dr. Antony Evans, Director of Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) System Design at Acubed, Airbus’ innovation center in Silicon Valley. This session will provid...

  • Spectrum

    Presenter: Mr John Mettrop, UK CAA

    Aviation is growing strongly again and moving towards a future in which interconnectivity and information exchange are becoming increasingly vital as we seek to accommodate increased traffic and new entrants safely, securely and in a manner that ...

  • Keeping Safety First – the Airbus Perspective

    Presenter: Mr Yannick Malinge. Senior Vice President & Chief Product Safety Officer at Airbus since 2010.

    On 28 October last year, Airbus celebrated 50 years since the first flight of the A300B, the very first Airbus aircraft. Since then, the company has developed an enviable reputation for worl...

  • Strategies for Better Integrating Standards Making and Support to States

    Presenter: Michael Brown of The ICAO’s Capacity Development and Implementation Bureau

    Narrative for advertising the event: ICAO’s place in the global aviation community demands not only excellence in the creation of technical standards but also a commitment to supporting Member States in achiev...

  • Boeing: Leading edge technologies & procedures, advancing the future of aviation

  • In-Time Aviation Safety Management System and the Evolving Airspace System

    Our subject today is ‘In-Time Aviation Safety Management System (IASMS) and the Evolving Airspace System’. As the pace of aviation evolution accelerates, our approach to safety and risk management needs to evolve to cover participants not traditionally included and incorporate new techniques tha...

  • Modern Safety Management Frameworks and Practical Applications

    Our subject today is ‘Modern Safety Management Frameworks and Practical Applications’. Aviation’s approach to achieving and maintaining high safety levels has been constantly evolving. Checking for compliance against prescriptive regulations evolved into assessing performance with reference to ...

  • Global Civil-Military Cooperation

    The need to improve airspace capacity and ATM efficiency continues unabated whether to address climate impacts or accommodate activity growth and new entrants. EUROCONTROL looked at some of these challenges from a more military perspective. We will hear how EUROCONTROL views these challenges in t...

  • The Severe Turbulence Encounters

    There is good awareness that we will have to adapt our lives to cope with the effect of climate change. Today we explore whether encounters with severe turbulence are related to climate change and, if so, how well positioned we are to manage the impact of encountering them in flight. This should...

  • Radio Frequency Spectrum

    • Loftur Jonasson - C/CNSS
    • Di Reimold, Deputy Vice President (Acting), Flight Program Operations
    Andrew Roy, ASRI, Chair of FSMP
    • Joseph Cramer, Regulatory Policy and International Spectrum Management, Boeing
    • Claude Pichavant – Airbus, Chair of ICNSS TF

    Many in aviation have l...

  • Managing the implementation of ICAO SARPs – the Republic of Korea approach

    Presenter: Crystal Kim, Director of the ICAO & Global Partnerships of MOLIT

    ICAO has devoted much time and energy to supporting States as they seek to implement ICAO standards and recommended practices. While States will always value being able to access additional resources to assist with imp...

  • Airbus: Helicopter innovation – turning concepts into reality

    Mr Stefan Thomé, Executive Vice President, Engineering, as well as Chief Technical Officer.

  • Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)

    Mr. Brenden Hedblom, Head of Traffic Management Solutions of Eve Air Mobility

    Ms. Leslie Cary, Chief Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, ICAO

  • Mitigating the lithium battery risk in air transport

    Presenters: Doug Ferguson (Boeing)….co-chairman of the SAE LB packaging standard wg
    Richard Hill (FAA technical Center) – hazards and risks
    Claude Chanson (Recharge) – UN Informal Working Group on LB Classification
    Ken Mann (Rapiscan) – screening

  • CANSO: CATS Global Council and Vision 2045

    Simon Hocquard, CANSO DG
    Michelle Bishop, CANSO Director Programmes
    Eduardo Garcia, CANSO Manager European ATM Coordination and Safety.

  • Delivering a hydrogen-fuelled future

    Dr Alejandro Block Novelo
    Senior Technologist – Strategy & Integration
    Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), UK

    Having just concluded the FlyZero project and published more than 60 reports on hydrogen for aviation, the UK’s Aerospace Technology Institute is very well placed to update the Air Na...

  • Harbourair and Transport Canada: Operating with Electric Propulsion

    Vancouver-based, Harbour Air, is North America’s largest seaplane airline and the first to be fully carbon-neutral. In December 2019, the company made the headlines with news that it had modified one of its De Havilland Beavers to be fully electric and had started flight testing the aircraft. I...

  • NAV CANADA: Magnetic to True North, Change by 2030

    As we are all well aware, Magnetic North is our main reference for aircraft navigation today. There is interest, however, in making a transition to an aviation heading and track system based on TRUE NORTH instead. This, it is thought could lead to improved safety and reduced costs. One organis...

  • Innovation in electric propulsion

    Late in 2021, Rolls Royce’s Spirit of Innovation project led to a new airspeed record for an electrically powered aircraft. RR Spirit of Innovation Press Release. In this talk, CAA and Rolls Royce talk about the challenges they needed to overcome to make this happen and what this tells them about...

  • Flight TS236 Twenty years after with Captain Robert Piché

    On the early hours of the 24th of August 2001, Air Transat flight TS236 was overflying the North Atlantic, enroute from Toronto to Lisbon, when a sequence of events resulted in a complete fuel exhaustion and the shut down of both engines, as the captain, Robert Piché was already diverting to Laje...

  • The ANC Talks Series Interview: ARGOSAI: Artificial intelligence for the future

    Agenda items:

    - Artificial Intelligence: Now and its Future
    - How can AI help the Aviation sector?
    - AI Solution to enhance the safety on runways
    - The future of AI in Aviation: Need for visionary leadership
    - Istanbul Airport Speech
    - Gazipaşa Airport Speech

    The presenters will be:

    - Mr....