• UTM Financial Sustainability Strategies

    How that several States, organizations, and industry members have begun implementing UTM Systems and offering UTM services, the question of how such services can be sustained from a financial perspective remains open. This webinar will look at business models for UTM, as well as associated owners...

  • Traveller Identification Programme (TRIP)

    6 seasons

    The MRTD field has been rapidly evolving into the broader global agenda of traveller identification management. At the 38th Session of ICAO Assembly (24 September – 4 October 2013), Member States adopted the ICAO Traveller Identification Programme (ICAO TRIP) Strategy, which aims to establish the...

  • Skytalks
    6 seasons


    6 seasons

    Skytalks are 30-minute presentations (including Q&A) exploring international civil aviation developments of importance to the entire aviation community. You can revisit past Assembly Skytalks on ICAO TV or UnitingAviation.com.

  • Air Navigation World

    1 season

  • Training Competency Development Weeks

    Movie + 1 extra

    Are you interested in developing your training skills? We have the courses for you!
    Hear from ICAO instructional design specialists Vicky Princz and Margarita Zakovorotnaya, who will provide an overview and answer essential questions about the training competency development courses offered:
    • Tr...

  • Multi-level Governance of UAM

    The objective of the webinar is to discuss the different levels of governance that will be involved in facilitating the integration of eVTOLs in within the multimodal urban mobility schemes. Speakers will be invited to discuss the need for, and how to consider the cooperation between the differen...

  • Facilitation Training Week Webinar

    Are you looking for training to stay up to date with the latest ICAO facilitation Standards and Recommended Practices? We have the courses for you!
    Hear from experts Janet Chemeli and Christopher Hornek, who will provide a comprehensive overview and answer essential questions about the facilitati...

  • SITA: Easy and safe travel every step of the way

    11 items

    SITA is the air transport industry's IT provider, delivering solutions for airlines, airports, aircraft and governments. SITA technology powers more seamless, safe and sustainable air travel.

    With around 2,500 customers, SITA’s solutions drive operational efficiencies at more than 1,000 airports...

  • ICAO Stocktaking Series

    6 seasons

  • Global Aviation Gender Summit

    1 season

  • Indra: Creating Skies Together

    23 items

    Indra is a leading global technology and consulting company focused on being the technological partner for the core business operations of its customers worldwide. It is a world leader in providing proprietary solutions in the air traffic, transport and defence, security markets, and a leading co...

  • Bring security to travel, trade and transportation for a safer world by NUCTECH

    15 items

    Nuctech Company Limited (NUCTECH) is a world-leading supplier of security screening technologies, dedicated to protecting the free movement of people and commerce against threats and contrabands.

    As a spinoff of Tsinghua University, NUCTECH was founded in 1997 by a group of physicists with a con...

  • Beyond Digital by Thales

    27 items

    Thales is the world leader in air mobility solutions - an impressive 2 out of every 3 planes around the world take off and land with their help.

    With half a century’s experience in development and deployment, Thales uses its unrivalled worldwide base, advanced technology and ground-breaking inno...

  • Document Authentication by Regula

    23 items

    Regula was established in 1992 by two engineers working in the field of forensic science. Since then, Regula has expanded to nine offices worldwide, becoming a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech security equipment and software designed for automated and reliable document examination....