• ICAO Webinar on Insider Threat

    Getting ahead of the insider threat.
    The insider threat is real and ever-evolving. Terrorists consistently look to exploit vulnerabilities in security controls and commit acts of unlawful interference (AUI) against civil aviation by exploiting aviation personnel. Equally, aviation personnel might...

  • Skytalks
    4 seasons


    4 seasons

    Skytalks are 30-minute presentations (including Q&A) exploring international civil aviation developments of importance to the entire aviation community. You can revisit past Assembly Skytalks on ICAO TV or UnitingAviation.com.

  • Leading ICAO’s Transformation Through the Business Plan 2023-2025

    The ICAO Business Plan 2023-2025 represents a transformative vision of ICAO’s work in support of the global civil aviation sector. In this SkyTalk, the ICAO Secretary General will showcase the key elements and objectives of the ICAO Business Plan, as endorsed by the ICAO Council. Mr. Salazar will...

  • ICAO Innovation Fair

    1 season

    ​Building upon and expanding beyond the COVID-19 crisis, the theme of the 2022 Innovation Fair will be “Innovation for Enhanced Resilience in International Civil Aviation”. The Fair would be held over three (3) days. This will allow for representatives of States, private sector, academia, UN and ...

  • Traveller Identification Programme (TRIP)

    5 seasons

    The MRTD field has been rapidly evolving into the broader global agenda of traveller identification management. At the 38th Session of ICAO Assembly (24 September – 4 October 2013), Member States adopted the ICAO Traveller Identification Programme (ICAO TRIP) Strategy, which aims to establish the...

  • DRONE ENABLE Webinar Series

    12 items

    The intent of this series of webinars is to foster the conversations around several key issues relating to unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and UAS traffic management (UTM). Additional topics applicable to the continued advancement of UAS, UTM systems, and urban/advanced air mobility (UAM/AAM), as ...

  • ICAO Secretary General Juan Carlos Salazar’s First Year Reflections

    In 2021, Juan Carlos Salazar became the Secretary General of ICAO. One year into his mandate, Mr. Salazar shares insights and reflections on what has been a challenging and exciting year and into aviation's bright future.

  • Global Implementation Support Symposium

    1 season

  • Bring security to travel, trade and transportation for a safer world by NUCTECH

    15 items

    Nuctech Company Limited (NUCTECH) is a world-leading supplier of security screening technologies, dedicated to protecting the free movement of people and commerce against threats and contrabands.

    As a spinoff of Tsinghua University, NUCTECH was founded in 1997 by a group of physicists with a con...

  • Beyond Digital by Thales

    24 items

    Thales is the world leader in air mobility solutions - an impressive 2 out of every 3 planes around the world take off and land with their help.

    With half a century’s experience in development and deployment, Thales uses its unrivalled worldwide base, advanced technology and ground-breaking inno...

  • Document Authentication by Regula

    17 items

    Regula was established in 1992 by two engineers working in the field of forensic science. Since then, Regula has expanded to nine offices worldwide, becoming a leading developer and manufacturer of hi-tech security equipment and software designed for automated and reliable document examination.

  • Indra: Creating Skies Together

    15 items

    Indra is a leading global technology and consulting company focused on being the technological partner for the core business operations of its customers worldwide. It is a world leader in providing proprietary solutions in the air traffic, transport and defence, security markets, and a leading co...