Beyond Digital by Thales

Beyond Digital by Thales

Thales is the world leader in air traffic management solutions. An impressive 2 out of every 3 planes around the world land and take-off with the help of Thales.

We combine half a century’s experience in development and deployment with an unrivalled worldwide installed base, advanced technology and ground-breaking innovations to deliver solutions that are continually adapted to the ever-changing aviation system’s needs.

Thales offers integrated gate-to-gate solutions, from pre-flight to landing, ensuring airport safety, efficient traffic handling operations, data sharing on aircraft and seamless handover operations between territories.

Thales is trusted by key ATM decision makers across 170 nations, and helps key decision makers master complexity and make timely decisions for better outcomes.

Thales delivers efficient and innovative products and services, for better decisions and better results.

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Beyond Digital by Thales
  • Beyond Digital Transformation in Aviation

    Building the digital sky of the future: all about how digital transformation is making aviation a totally seamless passenger experience from door to door.

  • Challenges and Solutions for future ATM systems & UTM as a new entrant by Thales

    Challenges and Solutions for future ATM systems & UTM as a new entrant

    Warren Beeston, Operational Authority Director, Thales ATM
    Frank Matus, Director Digital Aviation Market Development – Americas, Thales

  • ATM Cybersecurity

    Thales has more than 5,000 specialists dedicated to designing, developing and implementing cybersecurity for critical information systems in the transportation, space, aerospace and defence sectors.

    To combat cyber threats, Thales advocates a holistic approach and offers solutions based on busin...

  • Automatic Dependant Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B)

    Thales can provide you a unique ADS-B solution whether your need is a single ground station or a nationwide end-to-end system including aircraft equipage.

  • Modernization of the Air Navigation System by Thales

    This presentation provides the vision by the Industry of the challenges faced by the Air Traffic Management and the solutions enabled by the new technologies. Key trends to handle the growing traffic, improve safety, decrease aviation impact on environment and reduce operation costs will be descr...

  • Time Based Separation

    The aim of TBS is to reduce the gap in landing rates with light and strong headwind to maximise airport capacity and limit airborne holding delays.

  • Urban Air Mobility

  • Java Human Machine Interface (JHMI) Engine

    An advanced display designed in collaboration with air traffic controllers. The high performance configurable software reduces controllers’ workload through new ways of viewing, organising and interacting with flight information.

  • ATM Free Route


  • ATM Digital Learning Systems