Bring security to travel, trade and transportation for a safer world by NUCTECH

Bring security to travel, trade and transportation for a safer world by NUCTECH

Nuctech Company Limited (NUCTECH) is a world-leading supplier of security screening technologies, dedicated to protecting the free movement of people and commerce against threats and contrabands.

As a spinoff of Tsinghua University, NUCTECH was founded in 1997 by a group of physicists with a conviction to bring Tech ideas to life. With an unwavering focus on innovation, NUCTECH performs fundamental research to enable new inspection technology and to translate these discoveries into comprehensive product offerings of over 300 tangible, innovative security solutions.

With decades of development, NUCTECH has evolved from a small startup into a global business with over 50,000 inspection systems deployed in over 170 countries. With rich expertise in security, NUCTECH serves our global customers at airports, ports, borders, secured facilities and public events to safeguard the free flow of travel, trade and transportation. In the aviation sector, NUCTECH has been the trusted security partner for 450 airports and air cargo facilities worldwide.

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Bring security to travel, trade and transportation for a safer world by NUCTECH
  • X-ray CT Inspection System - XT2100HS

    NUCTECH XT2100HS is a new generation of security inspection system with CT imaging for checked baggage and small air cargo, which has been approved with ECAC EDS standard 3.1, the highest level of EDS standard to date.
    XT2100HS features the highest throughput of 1800 baggages per hour, modular d...

  • Body Inspection Device - MW1000AA

    NUCTECH MW1000AA is a CAAC- and ECAC-approved personnel screening solution that automatically detects metellic and non-metallic objects hidden beneath clothing, whether knife, gun, drugs, liquids or explosives.
    Designed with privacy protection and AI algorithms, the device highlights suspicious a...

  • X-ray CT Inspection System - Kylin Ti

    NUCTECH Kylin Ti utilizes cutting-edge dual energy CT technology and sophisticated algorithms, offering global airport a state-of-the-art cabin baggage screening solution with unparalleled detection of explosives and prohibited items.
    Certified by ECAC and CAAC with high standards, It allows pas...

  • Passive Terahertz Imaging System - TH1800

    NUCTECH TH1800 is a high-performance and standoff personnel screening solution, specifically designed to protect crowded places, such as entrance to an airport, mass transit, public events, logistics centers etc. It could screen multiple people in a non-contact way at a safe distance when they wa...

  • Checkpoint Security Solution

    NUCTECH Checkpoint Security Solution is a collection of innovative and future proof passenger and baggage screening technologies, including Kylin Ti X-ray CT inspection system, MW1000AA millimeter wave body scanner, Key-Line Automatic Screening Lane, TR2000DC desktop explosives and narcotics trac...

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