Indra: Creating Skies Together

Indra: Creating Skies Together

Indra is a leading global technology and consulting company focused on being the technological partner for the core business operations of its customers worldwide. It is a world leader in providing proprietary solutions in the air traffic, transport and defence, security markets, and a leading company in digital transformation services through its affiliate Minsait.

Indra has set an ambitious goal to boost digitalization through different projects such as the development of a solution that will transform Air Traffic Management by optimizing traffic flow, the provision of services in the cloud -enabling constant evolution-, and the management of airports from remote locations with remote tower solutions. Furthermore, Indra has recently engaged in a project to deploy a constellation of low-orbit satellites that will provide surveillance and communications services to cover oceanic and remote locations.

With more than 100 years of combined experience in the Air Traffic Management industry, Indra has successfully installed more than 300 air traffic control centers in the five continents, representing more than 25% of total world airspace, and implemented over 5,700 ATM solutions proving to be a leading player in every segment of the industry. In the field of R&D, Indra is one of the leading companies in the SESAR program and the founder and only technological partner of the ITEC Alliance, which aimed to develop the Single European Sky initiative.

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Indra: Creating Skies Together
  • Indra: Air Traffic

    Air traffic is in permanent movement, we are passionate about the development of air traffic management solutions to make flights safer, accompanying and guiding aircraft from takeoff to landing. Our comprehensive portfolio provides all the tools needed for this purpose: automation, communication...

  • Startical, Indra and ENAIRE's technology solution

    Startical, Indra and ENAIRE'S technology solution with the objective of deploying a constellation of small satellites that will enable surveillance and communication services to be provided, especially in remote areas and oceanic regions that are not currently covered by air navigation systems ba...

  • Indra Air Solutions, comprehensive response to increased air traffic worldwide

    At Indra we believe the sky is limitless, made of infinite skies. Skies that connect people, places and knowledge, that challenge the way we innovate and lead the future of ATM.

  • A wide range of solutions to cover all phases of a flight

    Our experience and our systems installed worldwide make us a global leader in ATM and CNS solutions. Indra offers a wide range of solutions covering all phases of a flight; pre-departure, terminal maneuvres, takeoff, en route, approach, control center, aeronautical information, landing, taxiing, ...

  • Digital transformation of the European air navigation network

    A collaborative ecosystem for the Digital European Sky to turn European airspace into more efficient and environmentally friendly airspace. Revolutionary solution for centralized management and large-scale optimization of air traffic that combines cloud computing, big data, and cybersecurity aimi...

  • Remote tower solution to manage multiple airports from one remote location

    Together with Avinor, as part of EU’s SESAR programme, we have successfully validated dynamic remote towers, allowing flexible allocation of airports between different working positions and including a supervisor role to plan and monitor the operations. The result? Operational efficiency, flexibi...