A40 Skytalks

A40 Skytalks

Skytalks are 30-minute presentations, including Q&A, by aviation subject matter experts on topics related to the development of the industry, its regulations, and its future. Skytalks profile international civil aviation developments of interest and importance to the entire aviation community.

The ICAO Assemb​ly is the Organization’s sovereign body. It meets at least once every three years and is convened by ICAO’s governing body, the Council. The 40th Session of the Assembly (A40) took place in 2019 and convened ICAO's 193 Member States, aviation stakeholders, and a large number of international organizations to review the worldwide policy of the Organization for the upcoming triennium.

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A40 Skytalks
  • Information Management and Cyber-Threats

    An improved and trusted process for exchange of information to support safe and efficient air operations is becoming crucial. At the same time cyber-threats need to be reduced to keep the safety and resilience of the system at agreed levels. The audience will be informed on the ICAO developments ...

  • Gender and Aviation - What does the future hold?

    Aviation, a historically male-dominated industry, is expected to grow exponentially in the next 10-15 years. There will be a labour shortage unless steps are taken to meet the resource demands of this growth. Aviation, and transport in general, lag behind other sectors in regards to women enterin...

  • Lithium Batteries carried on Aircraft - The Need for Increased Safety Promotion

    Damaged or defective batteries can catch fire and create an explosive atmosphere that poses significant risk to the aircraft. This presentation will focus on the need for increased safety promotion to help achieve control of this risk.

    Presenter: Lynn McGuigan, Technical Officer, Cargo Safety, ICAO

  • The Application of CT Technology in Air Cargo Consolidated Scanning by Nuctech

    The Application of CT Technology in Air Cargo Consolidated Scanning

  • Introduction to the ICAO Training Portfolio

    Are you a training organization involved in any specialized aviation-related area? Learn more about the membership benefits of the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Programme, and the ICAO portfolio of training packages that can suit your needs.

    Mekki Lahlou
    TRAINAIR plus Programme Coordinator

  • AVSEC Policy Development

    The Aviation Security Policy Section is responsible for developing and issuing new and amended Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) to mitigate new and emerging threats to aviation security (AVSEC). The section is involved in a wide range of strategic activities aimed at long-term strength...

  • Success Stories From the Field

    In this Skytalk, Daniel Souhami, Field Project Officer at ICAO’s Technical Cooperation Bureau, presents on the work of the Bureau and its work through projects, procurement and experts assist States to build capacity for international civil aviation. Daniel will also present recent success storie...

  • Civil Aviation Safety Inspectors (CASI) – Tool (CASI-T)

    The CASI-T will facilitate finding qualified aviation subject matter experts for States. Based on criteria developed in coordination with ICAO Panels, States will have at their disposal a database of highly-qualified and experienced inspectors that are capable of performing specific tasks to resp...

  • Global Coalition for Sustainable Aviation

    The ICAO Global Coalition is a forum of stakeholders aiming to facilitate the development of new ideas and accelerate the implementation of innovative solutions that will further reduce greenhouse gas emissions at source, on the ground or in the sky. Watch this Skytalk to learn more.


  • CORSIA: The First Offsetting Scheme Introduced for Global Industrial Sectors

    At the 39th Session of the ICAO Assembly, States adopted the CORSIA to complement a broader basket of measures to achieve the global aspirational goal of carbon-neutral growth from 2020 onwards. In an unprecedented short period of time ICAO developed CORSIA Standards and Recommended Practices (SA...

  • Innovation Fireside Chat

    Description to come

    Marco Merens
    ANB lead for AI

    Yuri Fattah
    ANB Innovation lead

  • Air Connectivity and Competition

    Global air transport network and competition has evolved with the increasing trend towards liberalization. This session presents the recent ICAO study on the dynamics of air transport network and competition using big data analytics.

    Behzad Taghipour
    Consultant, Data Analysis

  • Data Network for Aviation (DNA), Foreign Operator Application Tool (FOAT)

    The DNA is a new digital portal providing access to a range of services facilitating day to day operations for the global aviation community. One of the initial services envisioned is the FOAT, which will provide a consistent web-based process for operators and civil aviation authorities to mana...

  • Safety Information Monitoring System (SIMS)

    SIMS is an ICAO web-based safety data and information system comprised of different applications, which generate indicators in support of State Safety Programmes (SSP) and Safety Management Systems (SMS). It is at no cost for ICAO Member States.

    Ruviana Zimmerman
    Associate Analysis Of...

  • Challenges and Solutions for future ATM systems & UTM as a new entrant by Thales

    Challenges and Solutions for future ATM systems & UTM as a new entrant by Thales

    Warren Beeston, Operational Authority Director, Thales ATM
    Frank Matus, Director Digital Aviation Market Development – Americas, Thales

    Commercial Disclaimer

    The views, information or opinions expresse...

  • Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) Implementation Support

    The Location of an Aircraft in Distress Repository (LADR) will support new Standards in Annex 6 for commercial air transport aeroplanes that address the GADSS Autonomous Distress Tracking (ADT) concept. It will be integrated with the new OPS Control Directory, which provides surveillance informa...

  • Aviation Professional Forecasts and Gender Statistics

    This session provides ICAO projection of the required number of qualified aviation professionals commensurate with the traffic growth in the next decades.

    Antonin Combes
    Aviation Data Analysis Officer

  • Green Solutions: Reducing the Environmental Impact of Aviation

    New innovative technologies and energy sources for aviation are under development at a pace faster than anticipated. ICAO is closely following up these developments and its possible applications to the aviation sector. This Skytalk will provide details on the latest innovate technologies that are...

  • Facilitation Programmes: General Overview

    The main Facilitation objective is the efficient management of border control processes to expedite clearance of aircraft, passengers/crew, baggage and cargo. ICAO’s work in the field of Facilitation will be detailed for the three separate, but inter-related, programmes, Annex 9 — Facilitation,...


    GASOS is as a voluntary standardized assessment and recognition mechanism for safety oversight organizations (SOOs) and Accident Investigation Organizations (AIOs). that provide aviation safety functions and activities on behalf of ICAO member States. The results will allow for more efficient and...

  • Annex 9 – Facilitation Highlights

    Annex 9 ― Facilitation to the Convention on International Civil Aviation establishes international Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) regarding border controls at international airports. The presentation will highlight the SARPs of contemporary interest or concern to Member States, inclu...

  • Aviation is enabling the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    An analysis conducted by ICAO on the 2016-2018 UN Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) illustrates how the global community is increasingly understanding aviation’s critical role as an enabler of UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    Xiaoxi Sun
    Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Special...

  • iStars

    The integrated Safety Trend Analysis and Reporting system (iSTARS) is a collection of online tools which help ICAO Member States increase aviation safety intelligence to take better decisions.

    Nevin Murad
    Associate Analysis Officer

  • Safety Management Manual, 4th ed

    Provide an overview of the Safety Management Manual (SMM), fourth edition initiated after the adoption of Amendment 1 to Annex 19 to address the changes introduced in the amendment, reflect the knowledge and experience gained since the last revision and support States in achieving an effective St...