ICAO Stocktaking Series

ICAO Stocktaking Series

6 Seasons

ICAO Stocktaking Series
  • Stocktaking 2023: Opening and Setting the Scene, and Aircraft Technologies

    Episode 1

    The ICAO Secretariat will present the 41st Session of the ICAO Assembly
    (A41) outcomes and recent developments supporting the achievement of
    the long-term aspirational goal (LTAG) of net-zero carbon emissions by
    2050, with a focus on cleaner energy solutions.

  • Airports, Operations and Infrastructure

    Episode 2

    This Session will provide the latest innovations for airports, operations
    and infrastructure detailing how the future fleet will operate, with a focus
    on how new fuels and cleaner energies will be delivered through airport

  • Sustainable Aviation Fuels Feedstocks and Processing

    Episode 3

    This Session will highlight the current global efforts to produce sustainable
    feedstocks for SAF production, the initiatives to expand proven SAF
    production technologies to various ICAO Member States, and associated
    challenges and opportunities.

  • Sustainable Aviation Fuels New technologies to expand cleaner energy in aviation

    Episode 4

    This Session will cover the new technologies under development to
    expand the production and use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF),
    Lower Carbon Aviation Fuels (LCAF), and cleaner energies for aviation.

  • Certification and accounting of cleaner energies for aviation

    Episode 5

    This Session will cover initiatives to ensure that cleaner energies for
    aviation are safe, sustainable, and accounted properly towards the
    sustainability goals of States and institutions.

  • Enabling the aviation cleaner energy transition

    Episode 6

    This Session will cover initiatives and joining efforts of multilateral
    stakeholders to address the challenges of accelerating the pace of
    scaling up the deployment of SAF, LCAF, and cleaner energies for
    aviation to meet the necessary demands for achieving net-zero goal.

  • Challenges and Opportunities on Policies and Looking Forward to CAAF/3

    Episode 7

    Representatives from States will discuss the needs, challenges and
    opportunities on the development of a global policy framework to foster
    SAF development and deployment and what potential outcomes on
    policies could be from the third ICAO Conference on Aviation and
    Alternative Fuels (CAAF/3).

  • Overview of SAF financing and recent developments

    Episode 8

    This Session will include presentations by the industry, dialogues,
    coalitions, with a special focus on financing of SAF and aviation cleaner
    energies, including the importance of blended finance and the roles of public
    / private institutions.

  • Policies - Recent developments

    Episode 9

    This Session will include presentations by States from different regions
    with established or well-developed policies on aviation energy transition.

  • Implementation support as a means to facilitate financing

    Episode 10

    Representatives from States and other stakeholders will discuss the
    importance of implementation support activities, including the
    development of feasibility studies and roadmaps, in attracting financing
    for SAF and aviation cleaner energy projects.

  • Needs and challenges for States and investors on financing

    Episode 11

    Representatives from States and financial institutions will discuss their
    needs and challenges to facilitate the financing of aviation cleaner energy

  • Looking ahead to CAAF/3 on financing & Closing session

    Episode 12

    Representatives from States, MDBs, and industry will discuss potential
    outcomes from CAAF/3 regarding action from ICAO and its Member
    States to facilitate the financing of aviation cleaner energy projects, including
    the role of ICAO.