• Webinar: Flying into the Future: Emerging Trends in Aviation

    Join us for an insightful and forward-looking webinar, "Flying into the Future: Emerging Trends in Aviation." In this engaging session, Regula will provide a comprehensive overview of the current trends in aviation, focusing on the critical aspect of identity verification in the digital age.

    As ...

  • The future of ATC: an environmental actor

    Emissions reduction targets for air transport are going to require enabling contributions and innovations from aircraft & engine manufacturers, fuel and battery tech, airspace design & procedures specialists and of course Air Traffic Control.
    This talk will provide a glimpse into the future of su...

  • Skytalks by Leidos: Interoperable Flow Management Systems

    Improving efficiency, sustainability, and capacity of the airspace of a Flight Information Region (FIR) requires the collaboration of multiple stakeholders. The automation systems used by airspace users and multiple FIRs across a region must interoperate to share flight data and constraints in or...

  • SkyTalks by Aireon: Harnessing Space-Based ADS-B, Cloud Services for ATFM

    Air navigation service providers depend on accurate, robust, and real-time data to safely manage their airspaces. Traditionally, that is done via ground networks and flight plans. However, advances in cloud-based technology and space infrastructure, namely space-based automatic dependent surveill...

  • Skytalks by Startical: Satellite-based VHF Communications

    Space-based VHF communication is a concept in which aircraft provide communications between the aircraft to air traffic control (ATC) via satellite-based VHF. This concept, when implemented, is expected to support air traffic management and flight operations in oceanic and remote airspace and wil...

  • Moderator recap

    The moderators of each session will provide an overview and summary of topics discussed, focusing on potential action items and the way forward.

  • Skytalk by ICAO CDI, Predicting and Addressing States Implementation Challenges

    Join Paule ASSOMOU, DG, Cameroon CAA; Padhraic KELLEHER, P/ANC; Nina BROOKS, VP, ICCAIA; Oscar QUESADA, DRD/SAM and Jorge VARGAS, D/CDI for a brainstorming session to discuss strategies for better integrating ICAO’s Standards Making and Implementation Support Activities.

  • Multi-Regional Trajectory-Based Operations (TBO) Demonstration

  • Opening of ANW by Mr. Salvatore Sciacchitano, President of the ICAO Council

  • Delivery, use and integration of future meteorological information

    Information session on global requirements for the provision of advanced meteorological information including:
    Current and foreseen user requirements of advanced meteorological information services,
    Enhancement of meteorological observation and forecast solutions,
    Integrated use of quantitative m...

  • Air Navigation System: Sustainability impact of System of systems

    This eighth session focuses on the definition of new approaches to achieve the optimum decision-making scenario ensuring access and equity. The simple rules of rationing air traffic flow management and time-based scheduling, implemented in the past, need to be replaced through a gradual introduct...

  • Harmonized & quantitative meteorological information services

    Information session on global trends towards the provision of advanced meteorological information and foreseen scientific advancements in the field of aeronautical meteorology, including:
    Future integration of MET information into ATM decision-making,
    Provisions of quantitative and harmonized met...

  • Air Navigation System: Agile systems for flexible operations

    This seventh session focuses on raising awareness among the aviation community to shift to and enable the operator to manage the flight trajectory, while ANSPs focus on managing constraints and air navigation resources.

    Moderator: Carlos CIRILO, CANSO's permanent representative to ICAO and Head ...

  • Use of New Technologies in Aviation Personnel Training

    This session will explore use cases in all aviation professions training of extended reality (XR - including VR, AR and MR) provide examples of experience feedback and identify the way forward.

    Moderator: Dr. Julian ABICH, Senior Human Factors Engineer, Quantum Improvements Consulting


  • Medical Science, Patient Transport and Air Ambulance Operations

    This session discusses advances in technology to provide patient care on board aircraft, including commercial aviation, emergency response and specialized air ambulance services with a focus on operational challenges and harmonization of procedures.

    Moderator: Ian HOSEGOOD, Medical Director, Qan...

  • Performance Based Aerodrome Operating Minima - Aerodromes

    In this session, the implications of PBAOM on the aerodrome design and operation are considered, including the challenges of operating in very low visibility and the need to consider how to accommodate advanced aircraft operating at the aerodrome.

    Moderator: Thomas ROMIG, Vice President of Safet...

  • Air Navigation System: Resilience for a sustainable future

    As a result of this globally rich information-sharing environment, it is also essential to move towards a global approach to information security. This sixth session focuses on understanding how the aviation community is addressing information security.
    Moderator: Bob LEE, GXA Consulting LLC

  • Evolution of Medical Certificates

    This session will discuss the existing or proposed new national medical certification practices for general aviation pilots and their implications for aviation safety.
    Moderator: Declan MAHER, President ISAM & Medical Assessor, ESAM
    Kate MANDERSON, Principal Medical Officer, CASA, Austr...

  • Performance Based Aerodrome Operating Minima - Air Traffic Management

    In this session, the implications of PBAOM on air traffic management are considered, including the impact of mixed basic and advanced aircraft operations on flow management and sequence, as well as information requirements for controllers regarding aircraft capabilities.
    Andreas LIPP, ...

  • Air Navigation System: architecture for a cost-effective infrastructure

    This fifth session focuses on understanding how the aviation community is taking advantage of available commodities, such as widely available access to broadband Internet that is faster and a better value for money, and more devices with built-in connection capabilities and sensors entering the m...

  • Mental Health

    This session on psychological Well-being and Mental Health in aviation discusses balancing personal health and aviation safety with a specific focus on the role of building trust; training and peer support initiatives.
    Anthony WAGSTAFF, Principal Advisor in Aerospace Medicine to the No...

  • Performance Based Aerodrome Operating Minima - Operators

    In this session, the implications of PBAOM on flight operations are considered, including the potential benefits in terms of efficiency and possible barriers to the effective implementation of the concept.

    Representative of Austria on the Council of IC...

  • Air Navigation System: Ubiquitous connectivity for seamless operations

    This fourth session focuses on understanding how to fully accommodate airspace users with different operational capabilities and needs in an environment with different connectivity solutions.
    Moderator: Bob LEE, GXA Consulting LLC
    Steven BRADFORD, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor ...

  • Age Limitations

    This session will discuss the factors to consider when determining age limitations for aviation license-holders in international civil aviation operations.
    Moderator: Christoph AMMANN, CMD B777, TRI/TRE, Swissair
    Claude PREITNER, Acting Principal Medical Officer, New Zealand CAA Stuart ...