A series of interviews with leaders from the aviation industry, ICAO subject matter experts, and other aviation influencers.

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  • Aerodrome Design Manual - Runways (Doc 9157- Part 1)

    Joseph Cheong, Technical Officer of Aerodromes at ICAO, discusses the updates of the latest 4th edition of Doc 9157 - Part 1. The manual provides further guidance and information that supports the operational practices and requirements needed for runway configuration, runway length, aeroplane per...

  • Hélène V. Gagnon from CAE

    Interview with Hélène V. Gagnon, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Global Communications, and Corporate Social Responsibility at CAE. In this interview, Ms. Gagnon discusses CAE's gender and environmental priorities, strategies to deal with gender imbalances in the workplace, pivoting during...

  • Poppy Khoza from SACAA

    In this interview, Poppy Khoza, Director General of Civil Aviation, South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA) speaks words of inspiration and determination for women in aviation. She discusses how men, leaders, and the overall aviation community can work towards equality and inclusion.

  • COVID-19 and Small Island Developing States

    Paul Hooper, an aviation economist, discusses the economic ripple effects of Covid-19 on the Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Since countries with limited connectivity heavily depend on tourism, aviation will significantly contribute to their socio-economic development to create a long-term...

  • Project Loon: Extended Connectivity

    Project Loon provides connectivity to some of the hardest places to reach through stratospheric balloons. Find out more about the project in this interview with Leonard Bouygues, Head of Aviation Strategy at Loon.

    This interview was conducted during DRONE ENABLE 2019.

  • Performance-based Navigation (PBN)

    Ian Knowles, Technical Officer of Air Navigation Bureau at ICAO, explains Performance-based Navigation and how it allows flexibility in building routes in the air system. This navigation method focuses on the performance requirements of an aircraft and not just its capabilities. This is why under...

  • Identity Solutions: A Way Forward

    Explore the passenger's journey and the identity solutions currently being develop to enhance that journey.

    Featuring Lousie Cole, Manager of Identity Solutions at IATA.

  • Drone Technology and the Global Community

    A brief interview with Javier Caina, Director of Technical Standard at DJI.

  • Travel Document Security

    A brief interview with Simon Deignan, Programme Manager, Travel Document Security at OSCE.

  • UAS Traffic Management (UTM) with Unifly

    A brief interview with CEO of Unifly on UTM and Drones.

  • Her Majesty's Passport Office (UK)

    An interview with Travel Document Expert, Stephen Chapman from Her Majesty's Passport Office UK (HMPO)