ICAO Innovation Fair

ICAO Innovation Fair

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The theme of the 2024 ICAO Innovation Fair is "Digital Aviation: the Future is Now". The Fair allowed for representatives of States, international organizations, industry, private sector, academia, aviation research, United Nations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to have substantive conversations on innovation in aviation and how to adjust systems, processes, structures to better ensure future innovation brings value for aviation and its contribution to States achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
The 2024 Innovation Fair welcomed start-ups, academia and research centres to share their experience regarding the experimentation and development of innovative digital technologies or services for aviation. In particular, the finalists of the ICAO Innovation Competition were invited to present their innovative ideas.

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ICAO Innovation Fair
  • ICAO Regional Innovation Workshop – EUR/NAT Region

    Episode 1

    The ICAO Innovation Workshop for the EUR/NAT area explores several pioneering concepts that will help shape the future of air transport. The workshop will be held during the Fourth Meeting of the European Region Aviation System Planning Group (EASPG). It will showcase innovative concepts in aviat...

  • ICAO Regional Innovation Webinar - MID Office

    Episode 2

    Following key decisions and important work on innovation at ICAO, the MID Office is organizing a Regional Innovation Webinar, on 29 August 2022, under the theme “Innovation for Enhanced Resilience in International Civil Aviation”. The Objectives of the Webinar are to showcase innovations in aviat...

  • Preview of the 2022 ICAO Innovation Fair

    Episode 3

    From 24 to 26 September 2022, ICAO will host the ICAO 2022 Innovation Fair at ICAO Headquarters in Montréal, Canada. The event will take place immediately prior to the 41st Session of the Assembly and will address the theme of the theme of “Innovation for Enhanced Resilience in International Civi...

  • ICAO NAM/CAR/SAM Webinar on Innovation

    Episode 4

    The ICAO Webinar on Innovation for the NAM/CAR/SAM regions explores several cutting edge concepts that will help to shape the future of the air transport. The webinar is oriented to representatives of NAM/CAR/SAM States, private sector and organizations related to civil aviation and serves as an ...

  • Innovations and Regulations for a more Resilient Aviation System

    Episode 5

    This session will identify the regulatory challenges linked to the emergence of innovations in aviation. States will be invited to share their experience and innovators will have the opportunity to formulate their needs, so that a sound regulatory framework can facilitate the uptake of innovation...

  • Urban Air Mobility and the Role of Air Transport

    Episode 6

    This session will showcase how Innovations in aviation are moving beyond airports and airspace and into an integrated multimodal transport system. Various urban concepts and applications with manned and unmanned aircraft systems have emerged these past years, supported by innovative technologies....

  • Using on-board data to allow ATM green operations

    Episode 7

    For the past 20 years, DSNA, the French Air Navigation Service Provider, has been pushing for greener initiatives to promote an environmental culture. To accelerate this transition, DSNA has made the reduction of its environmental impact its primary focus. In the context of the SESAR programme, D...

  • Accelerators and Incubators Programmes in Aviation

    Episode 8

    The pace of innovation in aviation is fast and driven by multiple and diverse stakeholders, generating new ideas. Initiatives have been launched to accompany innovators along the process leading to the scale-up and commercialization of their solutions, which can help improve the resilience of the...

  • Risks, Resilience, and the Role of Innovation in Sustainable Aviation

    Episode 9

    The COVID-19 crisis evidenced the vulnerability of international civil aviation to external risks. Innovations in civil aviation played a key role in mitigating risks, enabling resilience, and providing support all over the world. A variety of innovative measures, ranging from Public Health Corri...

  • Behavioral Science for Enhanced Decision-Making

    Episode 10

    Through people-centered theories and approaches, behavioral science can help produce change to progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. In aviation, behavioral science can be used to optimize passenger flows, explore enablers to environmentally friendly patterns and be applied to aviat...

  • The Promise of Open Architecture

    Episode 11

    The evolution of security equipment, coupled with the exponential improvements of algorithms, machine learning capabilities and growing power of data analytics, is paving the way to addressing the challenges inherent in security screening by achieving a more cohesive, secure, resilient, and inter...

  • Changing the conversation…Why do we even bother with risk management?

    Episode 12

    The mantra that governments need to ‘do more’ is a rejection of the reality that government support is not the answer to understanding aviation risk. The solution to this is now well recognised – large open-source data sets and the power that AI brings to an aviation risk management function in p...

  • Artificial intelligence – The Future of Threat Detection?

    Episode 13

    Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have immense applicability in a variety of industries, including aviation. When considering aviation security and facilitation, AI could drive more efficient and effective analysis of video surveillance data, enhanced behavioral analysis, and more intelli...

  • Keep Moving Forward – Innovation Towards Seamless and Contactless Travel

    Episode 14

    Facilitation of seamless travel through one’s journey has been a focus of aviation for many years, with rapid traveler throughput leading to operational efficiencies and enhanced passenger experience. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased attention towards touchless processing. Implementatio...

  • Planning for the Future: A Periodic Table of Innovations

    Episode 15

    During the past years, numerous innovations have emerged, pushing the development of “New Frontier” of technologies and processes beyond the traditional aviation stakeholders. This session will explore several attempts to categorize these innovations, from those already integrated in aviation to ...

  • Innovations to Power a Sustainable and Resilient Aviation System

    Episode 16

    New technologies have the potential to provide benefits throughout the entire aviation system. Aircraft manufacturers, air traffic controllers, airport operators, cargo shippers and others seek to leverage the new possibilities offered by global connectivity, advanced data intelligence, automatio...

  • The ICAO Workshop on Innovation

    Episode 17

    As part of the roll-out of the ICAO Secretariat Strategy on Innovation, ICAO is developing a Workshop on Innovation. The SkyTalk presentation will be aimed at explaining the objectives and approach adopted for this work. The workshop will (1) provide an overview of the aviation and innovation eco...

  • Thales - UAS Operations: System-of-Systems Approach to UAS Integration

    Episode 18

    Imagine if long-haul trucking companies, mail couriers, and firefighters had to build their own roads to deliver their services to the public. Imagine if each airline had to commission and maintain navigation aids and build its own airports.

    Requiring each participant in a transportation system...

  • Innovating ICAO’s Implementation and Capacity-Building Support

    Episode 19

    Supporting Member States in implementing Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) remains a priority for ICAO. With the advent of cutting-edge technologies, enhanced processes and evolving business cultures, ICAO is innovating its portfolio of products and services to increase the effectivenes...

  • Global Competition for Community-Driven Solution and Closing Remarks

    Episode 20

    This session will be the opportunity to launch a global competition on innovation. Innovators across the globe will have several months to prepare and submit their solutions to a problem statement shared by ICAO during the session.

    Closing remarks by the Secretary General of the International ...