Global Implementation Support Symposium

Global Implementation Support Symposium

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Global Implementation Support Symposium
  • Opening Ceremony & Signing Ceremonies

    Episode 1

    Opening Ceremony of the GISS 2023 with opening remarks from senior dignitaries of ICAO and the Host Organization.

    Keynote speakers:
    Juan Carlos Salazar, Secretary General of ICAO
    Hee-ryong WON, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Trasnport, ROK
    Jaiwon Shin, President of Hyundai Motor Group and ...

  • Tailored Funding, Collaboration & Implementation Support for Global Aviation

    Episode 2

    ICAO is calling upon its global partners to work together in designing, funding and implementing programmes for the benefit of civil aviation stakeholders worldwide. The high cost associated with aviation infrastructure development and capacity building can dissuade States and donors to move forw...

  • Scaling Sustainable Aviation Fuels for Net-Zero by 2050

    Episode 3

    Scaling up and financing the production of sustainable aviation fuels (SAFs) to meet net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 requires a multi-faceted approach involving industry stakeholders, governments, and financial institutions. This panel will explore the challenges faced by the industry to scale ...

  • SkyTalk - Digital ATM – Unlocking Aviation’s next level together

    Episode 4

    Victor Martinez, Director ATM Programmes, Indra, presents digital ATM, unlocking aviation's next level together.

  • SkyTalk - Smart Airport Strategy of Incheon International Airport

    Episode 5

  • GISS2023 Gala Dinner

    Episode 6

    Sponsored by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Korea Airports Corporation, Incheon International Airport

    An exciting evening celebrating South Korean hospitality.

  • Next-Gen Talent for Sustainable Air Transport Value

    Episode 7

    This panel will provide insights into how the aviation industry can build an adaptable and sustainable workforce that will meet future challenges. The panel discussion will revolve around policy, planning, training, and the establishment of a global HR planning skills inventory to inform on compe...

  • GISS 2023: The Future of Civil Aviation Training in a Digital World

    Episode 7

    The future of civil aviation training in a digital world is poised for significant change and advancement. As technology continues to advance, training will become more digitalized, personalized, immersive and accessible than ever before. One of the major trends in training is the use of virtual ...

  • Aviation Challenges: Support and Resilience for Stakeholders

    Episode 9

    The aviation industry faces numerous challenges when it comes to implementation support and ensuring aviation resilience. With new and rapidly evolving technologies, cybersecurity threats, the increasing pressure to reduce the environmental impact, and financial constraints, aviation stakeholders...

  • Building a Bridge between Academia and Industry to Address the Labour Shortage

    Episode 10

    GISS2023 Panel 8

  • Advanced Air Mobility - How can States and Industry Move Forward?

    Episode 11

    Advanced air mobility has the potential to bring major benefits to societies around the world. However, this nascent industry brings a series of unprecedented challenges for the aviation ecosystem, and it will likely challenge foundational considerations on which current aviation is built. Partic...

  • TRAINAIR PLUS Workshop: Leveraging Training Community at the Regional Level

    Episode 12

    Bringing together training professionals, educators, and industry leaders of our broad network of TRAINAINR PLUS Programme (TPP) Members and Partners to explore creative ways to build collaboration and partnerships, share recent best practices, and foster innovation in training and development am...

  • SkyTalk - UAE International Cooperation Program

    Episode 13

    The International Cooperation Program (ICP) is an initiative established in 2011 to improve and sustain the civil aviation sectors by sharing UAE GCAA expertise and experiences to countries regionally and internationally as well as supporting ICAO Initiatives such as NCLB, NGAP and Women in Aviat...

  • SkyTalk - An Integrated Approach to Aviation Training

    Episode 14

    Jyoti Prasad Gayan, Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, Data Aeronautical Academy, presents an integrated approach to aviation training.

  • SkyTalk - Providing Qualified Human Resources Through Training and Partnership

    Episode 15

    Quirina Ariantji, P.M., Head of Academic and Administration, Aviation Polytechnic of Surabaya, Indonesia, presents providing qualified human resources through training and partnership.

  • SkyTalk - Korea Airports Corporation AAM Project and Concept of Operation

    Episode 16

    Hyung-Kyu Woo, Manager, Innovative Air Mobility Office, Korea Airports Corporation, presents Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) project and concept of operation at early stages.

  • Implementation of Effective Cybersecurity Projects

    Episode 17

    As the aviation industry increasingly relies on digital technology to manage operations and data, the risk of cyber threats has become a critical concern. Cybersecurity projects must be effectively implemented to protect critical systems and data, but doing so requires collaboration and expertise...

  • TRAINAIR PLUS Workshop Cont’d.: Leveraging Training Community at Regional Level

    Episode 18

  • GISS2023 Summary of Discussions

    Episode 19

    The Summary of Discussions Panel aims to sum up the key takeaways from the panel proceedings held on Day 1 and Day 2, as well as highlight some initiatives that ICAO is conducting across the regions related to these outcomes.

    Moderated by: Michael Brown, Technical Officer, Technical Cooperation ...

  • GISS2023 Closing Ceremony

    Episode 20

    Closing remarks from senior dignitaries of ICAO and the Host Organization.

  • ICAO Global Implementation Support Symposium 2023 - Secretary General of ICAO

    Episode 22

    Under the theme of "Working Together for an Innovative and Sustainable Global Aviation Community", the ICAO Global Implementation Support Symposium is dedicated to driving the industry forward by exploring innovative solutions to today's top priorities.
    In this video, Mr. Juan Carlos Salazar, Se...

  • ICAO Global Implementation Support Symposium 2023 - President of ICAO Council

    Episode 23

    Hosted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, this Second Global Implementation Support Symposium (GISS) combines ICAO's World Aviation Forum (IWAF), the Global Aviation Cooperation Symposium (GACS) and the Global Aviation Training and TRAINAIR PLUS Symposium. The event aims to hi...

  • Global Implementation Support Symposium - Director Technical Cooperation Bureau

    Episode 21

    Focused on training, operations, capacity building, and aviation economic development, the ICAO Global Implementation Support Symposium will feature diverse expert panels and a supplier exhibition highlighting the latest aviation technologies and services.
    In this video, Mr. Jorge Vargas, Directo...