Unmanned Aviation Systems - UAS

Unmanned Aviation Systems - UAS

Unmanned Aviation Systems - UAS
  • Multi-governance of UAM

    ICAO hosted a first discussion on multi-level governance of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) in August 2023. As a follow-up, this webinar aims to highlight the different levels of governance needed for the integration of eVTOLs in urban environments and reflect on the advancements made so far. Speakers a...

  • Unlocking the potential of drones to revolutionize wildfire response

    Thales is unlocking the full potential of long-range drones while ensuring the safe coexistence of drones and manned aircraft.

    In this context of a wildfire scenario, Thales UAS100, a long-range and fully automated drone, offers advanced capabilities and operational flexibility, all while adheri...

  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Symposium

    3 seasons

  • DRONE ENABLE Symposium

    6 seasons

    The DRONE ENABLE symposium engages key stakeholders from industry, academia, government and international organizations involved in the unmanned aviation sector to exchange best practices, lessons learned, research material and challenges related to the introduction of unmanned aircraft systems (...

  • DRONE ENABLE Webinar Series

    14 items

    The intent of this series of webinars is to foster the conversations around several key issues relating to unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and UAS traffic management (UTM). Additional topics applicable to the continued advancement of UAS, UTM systems, and urban/advanced air mobility (UAM/AAM), as ...

  • UAS Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operations - For Regulators

    The webinar provides a general understanding of BVLOS UA Operations, as well as an overview of some the different variations on BVLOS. The webinar explains why there is so much interest in BVLOS, and will look at BVLOS from the perspective of the regulator (CAA). Considerations a regulator must m...

  • ICAO UTM Framework - Core Principles for Global Harmonization

    This webinar will provide an overview of the current ICAO UTM Framework. This framework has been developed by the ICAO UAS Advisory Group and is based on the information and best practices provided by industry, regulators and academia at the last three DRONE ENABLE symposia. The intend of the UTM...

  • U-AID - Humanitarian Operations Using UAS

    This webinar will present ICAO's guidance material for humanitarian aid and emergency response (U-AID) using UAS. Following an overview of this material and best practices, UA Operators who perform humanitarian operations (Drone Delivery Canada and GlobalMedic) will share their experiences. Addit...

  • Safety Management System (SMS) for UAS Operators

    This webinar discusses the key features of a Safety Management System for UAS operators. Discussions will also include how to develop and execute a SMS for UAS operators.

    JC Shine, Technical Officer, Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Section at ICAO
    Andrew Ward, Technical Offi...

  • UAS Traffic Management (UTM) with Unifly

    A brief interview with CEO of Unifly on UTM and Drones.

  • Challenges and Solutions for future ATM systems & UTM as a new entrant by Thales

    Challenges and Solutions for future ATM systems & UTM as a new entrant by Thales

    Warren Beeston, Operational Authority Director, Thales ATM
    Frank Matus, Director Digital Aviation Market Development – Americas, Thales

    Commercial Disclaimer

    The views, information or opinions expresse...

  • Aircraft Registration Network (ARN)

    ICAOs vision to develop a network of connected State registries for manned and unmanned aircraft, intended to consolidate key information on the global fleet in order to provide valuable inter-State operability services back to States, Air Operators, and others in the international aviation commu...

  • Unmanned Aviation: Addressing Emerging Challenges to Support Safe Development

    The presentation will address the following:
    - Update on uses and business models for unmanned aircraft;
    - Aviation regulation applies to unmanned aircraft;
    - Innovative nature of technologies, sometimes at odds with the existing regulatory framework: Which flight rules? Impact of automation on r...

  • Enabling UAS Operations Part 1

    In this webinar, ICAO will address unique opportunities demonstrating the benefits of UAS during the current health crisis. The guidance information that will be presented will assist States and UAS operators to enable UAS operations safely and effectively. Topics of discussion during the webinar...

  • Enabling UAS Operations Part II - Panel Discussion

    This will be the second of a two-part webinar which will include a panel discussion involving regulators and UAS Operators. The panel members will discuss the successes and challenges involved in BVLOS operations, including those related to humanitarian and lifesaving activities. Panelist will in...

  • Introducing ICAO UAS Model Regulations

    This webinar will present an overview of the ICAO UAS Model Regulations developed to support UAS regulatory harmonization. The companion supporting guidance material will also be presented.

    Recorded on 23 July 2020.