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Watch this video and more on ICAO TV

ICAO Stocktaking Series

Certification and accounting of cleaner energies for aviation

1h 30m

Up Next in 2023 ICAO Stocktaking & SAF-LAB Exhibition

  • Enabling the aviation cleaner energy ...

    This Session will cover initiatives and joining efforts of multilateral
    stakeholders to address the challenges of accelerating the pace of
    scaling up the deployment of SAF, LCAF, and cleaner energies for
    aviation to meet the necessary demands for achieving net-zero goal.

  • Challenges and Opportunities on Polic...

    Representatives from States will discuss the needs, challenges and
    opportunities on the development of a global policy framework to foster
    SAF development and deployment and what potential outcomes on
    policies could be from the third ICAO Conference on Aviation and
    Alternative Fuels (CAAF/3).

  • Overview of SAF financing and recent ...

    This Session will include presentations by the industry, dialogues,
    coalitions, with a special focus on financing of SAF and aviation cleaner
    energies, including the importance of blended finance and the roles of public
    / private institutions.