ICAO Stocktaking Series

ICAO Stocktaking Series

6 Seasons

ICAO Stocktaking Series
  • Battery technology, fueling Aviation Electrification (Starting 10 AM) - Part 3

    Episode 1

    Aviation electrification is arousing a growing interest from the aviation community and beyond. To meet climate challenges, breakthrough aircraft technologies are designed, developed, and experimented. Small recreational aircraft are already being operated in some countries. Powered by clean ener...

  • Hydrogen, getting to zero carbon flights

    Episode 2

    A growing number of aviation stakeholders have recently shared their zero-emission visions, goals and roadmaps to shape a carbon-free aviation future and tackle climate change. These roadmaps often rely on developing breakthrough aircraft technologies powered with clean energies. One of the main ...

  • Synthetic Fuels for Aviation

    Episode 3

    Clean energies are key to enable the decarbonisation of aviation. Sustainable Aviation Fuels, both ''drop-in'' and ''non drop-in'' alternative fuels to conventional jet kerosene, are one of the main pathways explored today by the aviation community. Drop-in alternative fuels represents a major op...

  • e-VTOL & urban air mobility-A new systemic & sustainable approach for air travel

    Episode 4

    Inventing the aviation of tomorrow is a unique occasion to adopt green innovations, but also to think about the mobility of tomorrow differently, both over long and short distances. Urban air mobility is a whole new aspect of air transport that offers new opportunities to aviation stakeholders. I...

  • Infrastructure development for supplying clean energy for air travel

    Episode 5

    Clean energies are key to enable the decarbonisation of aviation. Clean energy production, transport and storage are all essential aspects to meet aviation needs. A range of clean energy types of fuels are being considered today by the aviation community, including ''drop-in'' aviation fuels, rel...

  • 2021 ICAO Stocktaking preview

    Episode 6

    The ICAO Stocktaking Seminar preview will set the scene for the September Stocktaking main event and shared knowledge associated with the main challenges aviation has to face to make progress towards decarbonisation.