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Skytalks are 30-minute presentations (including Q&A) exploring international civil aviation developments of importance to the entire aviation community. You can revisit past Assembly Skytalks on ICAO TV or

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  • Changing the conversation…Why do we even bother with risk management?

    The mantra that governments need to ‘do more’ is a rejection of the reality that government support is not the answer to understanding aviation risk. The solution to this is now well recognised – large open-source data sets and the power that AI brings to an aviation risk management function in p...

  • Using on-board data to allow ATM green operations

    Episode 1

    For the past 20 years, DSNA, the French Air Navigation Service Provider, has been pushing for greener initiatives to promote an environmental culture. To accelerate this transition, DSNA has made the reduction of its environmental impact its primary focus. In the context of the SESAR programme, D...

  • The ICAO Workshop on Innovation

    Episode 4

    As part of the roll-out of the ICAO Secretariat Strategy on Innovation, ICAO is developing a Workshop on Innovation. The SkyTalk presentation will be aimed at explaining the objectives and approach adopted for this work. The workshop will (1) provide an overview of the aviation and innovation eco...

  • Thales - UAS Operations: System-of-Systems Approach to UAS Integration

    Episode 5

    Imagine if long-haul trucking companies, mail couriers, and firefighters had to build their own roads to deliver their services to the public. Imagine if each airline had to commission and maintain navigation aids and build its own airports.

    Requiring each participant in a transportation system...