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Latest Videos
  • CART Recommendation 16 - 7th Freedom Traffic Rights for Air Cargo

    Movie + 6 extras

    ICAO is providing important detail on CART Recommendation #16, which builds upon recent ICAO guidance and encourages at least the temporary lifting of restrictions to air cargo operations, including but not limited to granting extra-bilateral rights (so-called 7th freedom), in particular for all-...

  • Interview with ICAO Secretary General, Fang Liu

    In this interview, Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary General of ICAO from 2015-2021, speaks of her experience as a woman in a leadership position. She discusses gender changes and transformations, and offers words of encouragement to empower women towards reaching their professional goals.

  • Visible Digital Seal for Non-Constrained Environments (VDS-NC) for health proofs

    The ICAO VDS technology will allow Member States to successfully implement a new interoperable format for the VDS, as applied to health proofs, which is developed with the following Key Principles: Globally Interoperable, Human Readable, Offline Verifiable, Leveraging the eMRTD Trust Model and Fl...

  • Sustainable and Resilient Restart and Recovery of Civil Aviation (2021 UN HLPF)

    Under the overall HLPF theme of 2021 "Sustainable and resilient recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic that promotes the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development: building an inclusive and effective path for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda in the context of the dec...

  • Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) Manual (Doc 9863)

    Interview with Mie Utsunomiya. The objective of ACAS is to advice pilots in near real-time how to avoid potential collisions. Modern demands for more operational flexibility with increased safety call for a new type of ACAS. This new type of ACAS has been dubbed ACAS X. Increasing levels of traff...

  • ACI World ANC Talk Presentation

    Agenda items:

    • About ACI World
    • Impact of COVID-19 on the airport business
    • Supporting industry restart and recovery
    • Beyond COVID-19
    • Stronger Together

    The presenters will be:

    • Luis Felipe de Oliveira, Director General
    • Patrick Lucas, Vice President Economics
    • Thomas Rom...

  • Rulemaking on Unmanned Aviation, JARUS, and International Teamwork

    Giovanni Di Antonio, Chair
    LIU Hao, Vice Chair and Acting Secretary General
    Jeannie Stewart Smith, Vice Chair
    Zia Meer, WG Leader of OPS, ORG & PERS
    Lorenzo Murzilli, WG Leader of SRM
    Craig Bloch Hansen, WG Leader of AUTO CONOPS

  • S'adapter à la nouvelle normalité dans la formation en aviation

    Rejoignez notre webinaire en français qui aura lieu le 15 juin 2021, afin d'en savoir plus sur l'évolution rapide du domaine de la formation depuis le début de la pandémie. Organisée dans les diverses langues officielles de l’OACI, la série de webinaires de la formation mondiale en aviation (GAT)...

  • Adaptación a la nueva normalidad en la instrucción de la aviación

    Únase a nuestro Webinar en español que se realizará el día 8 de junio del 2021, con el fin de conocer la rápida evolución del panorama de la instrucción en aviación mundial desde el inicio de la pandemia. Los objetivos específicos de este Webinar son:

    Dar a conocer las herramientas y soluc...

  • Adapting to a new normal in aviation training

    The Global Aviation Training Section is hosting a series of webinars in various official ICAO languages across the regions.

    Join our webinar entitled Adapting to a New Normal in Aviation Training, which will focus on the rapidly evolving training landscape since the onset of COVID-19 as well as ...

  • Council Informal Briefings

    1 season

  • Support and Capacity-building for Greening Aviation in Times of COVID-19

    This briefing offers an overview of the specific characteristics of ICAO’s environmental protection capacity-building activities aimed at facilitating the State Action Plans of Member States within the context of the No Country Left Behind initiative, including activities for CORSIA implementation

  • WFP (World Food Programme) Aviation Safety

    Mr. Amir Abdulla
    Deputy Executive Director, Aviation Accountable Manager, and Chairperson of the WFP Aviation Safety Board

    WFP Aviation (PPT ANC)
    Mr. Philippe Martou
    Director, Aviation Services

    WFP Aviation Safety (ASU PPT)
    Mr. Mario Sibrian
    Chief, Aviation Safety Unit

  • TRIP Symposium 2021 - DAY 1

    DAY 1
    Opening Session and Remarks - ICAO TRIP 2021 Virtual Symposium
    Session 1. Setting The Scene
    Sky Talk - HID GLOBAL
    Sky Talk - REGULA
    Session 2. Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs)
    Sky Talk - SICPA

  • TRIP Symposium 2021 - DAY 2

    Day 2
    Session 3. Making Travel Seamless With Digital Identity
    Sky Talk - VERIDOS
    Sky Talk - OVD KINEGRAM
    Session 4. Specifications Behind Technologies For Health Certificates Supporting Reopening Of Borders In COVID-19 Pandemic Times
    Closing Of ICAO TRIP 16th Symposium

  • TRIP Symposium 2021 - DAY 3

    DAY 3
    Opening Session & Remarks- Joint ICAO/INTERPOL Passenger Data Exchange Forum
    Session 1. Passenger Data Exchange – Concept & International Tools
    Sky Talk - ENTRUST
    Sky Talk - IN GROUPE
    Session 2. Advance Passenger Information
    Sky Talk - ANY SECURITY

  • TRIP Symposium 2021 - DAY 4

    DAY 4
    Session 3. Passenger Name Record (PRN) Data Analysis – Tools For Improved Border Control
    Session 4. Data Quality And Future Solutions
    Conclusions and Closing Remarks

  • e-VTOL & urban air mobility-A new systemic & sustainable approach for air travel

    Inventing the aviation of tomorrow is a unique occasion to adopt green innovations, but also to think about the mobility of tomorrow differently, both over long and short distances. Urban air mobility is a whole new aspect of air transport that offers new opportunities to aviation stakeholders. I...

  • Middle East Regional Aviation Safety Plan (MID-RASP)

    This webinar is intended to present the Middle East Regional Aviation Safety Plan (MID-RASP), 2020-2022 edition. The MID-RASP emphasizes the importance of identifying and mitigating risks at MID Region level. The webinar will address regional aviation safety issues for the MID Region, as a contin...

  • South American Safety Plan (SAMSP)

    This webinar is intended to provide an overview of the South American Safety Plan (SAMSP). This plan is published by the ICAO South American Regional Office on behalf of the accredited States and International Organisations involved. The webinar will address aspects of the SAMSP, including the im...

  • Airport Safety Professional (ASP) Designation Programme - Information Session

    Hear from airport professionals and State regulators on how the ASP designation programme provided them with the required knowledge and skills enabling them to improve the performance of airports in their core Safety mission.

    The Global ACI-ICAO Airport Safety Professional (ASP) designation prog...

  • Synthetic Fuels for Aviation

    Clean energies are key to enable the decarbonisation of aviation. Sustainable Aviation Fuels, both ''drop-in'' and ''non drop-in'' alternative fuels to conventional jet kerosene, are one of the main pathways explored today by the aviation community. Drop-in alternative fuels represents a major op...

  • Development of Halon Replacement Agents for Aircraft Cargo Compartments

    The presentation is provided by: the ICCAIA; on the Development Work for Halon Replacements for the Cargo Compartment, Halon Replacements for Engines and APUs and The activity and progress of the Halon Alternatives for Aircraft Propulsion Systems (HAAPS) Consortium.

    Mr. André Freilin...

  • Emerging Technologies and Innovation

    Focus on new concept of operations.

    Presenter: Alain De Zotti, Head of Aircraft Architecture and Integration