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Latest Videos

Latest Videos
  • 7th Meeting of the 227th Session of the ICAO Council

    Condolences; Annual Report of the Evaluation and Audit Advisory Committee (EAAC); Any other business.

  • The 5G/Radio Altimeter Webinar

    The Regional Guidance Material developed by the MIDANPIRG Radio Altimeter Action Group (RADALT AG) will be presented. The guidance material includes the following chapters: Background on 5G and frequency band allocaion, potential impact of 5G operation on Radio Altimeter during aircraft operatio...

  • Council Meetings

    3 seasons

  • DRONE ENABLE Symposium

    5 seasons

    The DRONE ENABLE symposium engages key stakeholders from industry, academia, government and international organizations involved in the unmanned aviation sector to exchange best practices, lessons learned, research material and challenges related to the introduction of unmanned aircraft systems (...

  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Symposium

    3 seasons

  • Introducing Airspace World 2023

    Airspace World takes place at Palexpo Geneva in March 2023 and will be the most prestigious showcase of technology and services and will see organisations from across the ATM, space and UTM industries come together to Shape our Future Skies.

    Commercial Disclaimer:

    The views, information or opi...

  • Learn more about our Facilitation courses

    ICAO is offering new training in the field of Facilitation to support States in maximizing the efficiency of border clearance facilities while ensuring high-quality security and effective law enforcement. New courses are now available to foster the implementation of Annex 9 - Facilitation Standar...

  • Learn more about our Flight Safety and Safety Management Courses

    ICAO's safety portfolio of courses is constantly growing to meet the industry's priority needs. With aviation safety being at the core of ICAO’s fundamental objectives, ICAO is providing you with the most up to date and relevant training to support your compliance efforts related to safety orient...

  • DME innovations to better support en-route and final approach future navigation

    Innovative performances and higher capabilities in DME equipment will allow a higher level of integration and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TOC). Cybersecurity features implementation and full Remote Control and Monitoring Solution (RCMS) solution will be key factors in the latest technical deve...

  • ICAO Regional Innovation Workshop – EUR/NAT Region

    The ICAO Innovation Workshop for the EUR/NAT area explores several pioneering concepts that will help shape the future of air transport. The workshop will be held during the Fourth Meeting of the European Region Aviation System Planning Group (EASPG). It will showcase innovative concepts in aviat...

  • ID’s: the key to great Civil Aviation customer journeys

    The pandemic era and general digital transformation trends have resulted in more and more air passengers preferring online or contact-free services. Fast and accurate Digital identity verification at every stage of a traveler's journey is a must for great user experience and security for passenge...

  • ICAO Assemb​ly Sessions

    2 seasons

  • Radio Frequency Spectrum

    • Loftur Jonasson - C/CNSS
    • Di Reimold, Deputy Vice President (Acting), Flight Program Operations
    Andrew Roy, ASRI, Chair of FSMP
    • Joseph Cramer, Regulatory Policy and International Spectrum Management, Boeing
    • Claude Pichavant – Airbus, Chair of ICNSS TF

    Many in aviation have l...

  • ICAO Webinar on Insider Threat

    Getting ahead of the insider threat.
    The insider threat is real and ever-evolving. Terrorists consistently look to exploit vulnerabilities in security controls and commit acts of unlawful interference (AUI) against civil aviation by exploiting aviation personnel. Equally, aviation personnel might...

  • Managing the implementation of ICAO SARPs – the Republic of Korea approach

    Presenter: Crystal Kim, Director of the ICAO & Global Partnerships of MOLIT

    ICAO has devoted much time and energy to supporting States as they seek to implement ICAO standards and recommended practices. While States will always value being able to access additional resources to assist with imp...

  • ICAO Legal Seminar

    2 seasons

    The 2022 ICAO Legal Seminar was intended to inform and update government officials on the Work Programme of ICAO in the legal field and some current subjects in international air law. In particular, the Seminar addressed topics relating to ICAO's work in the legal field, aviation safety and secur...

  • Learn more about our Training Competency Development Courses

    Vicky Princz and Margarita Zakovorotnaya, ICAO Instructional Design Specialists, discuss how training competency development courses pave the route to becoming an ICAO-qualified competency-based course developer, instructor, and manager.

    See a full list of our training competency development cou...

  • UKCAA talk on innovation to the ICAO Air Navigation

    The Talk is being advertised at ICAO under the title ‘One regulator’s engagement with innovators’
    The presenters are:
    Ben Alcott – International Director
    Rick Newson – Head of Rapid Capabilities Office
    Frederic Laugere – Innovation Services Lead
    James Bell – Head of Innovation

  • Moving from Magnetic to True North in Aviation

    This webinar will look at the impacts of switching from a Magnetic North to a True North reference for navigation in aviation. The webinar will begin with a presentation from NAV Canada, which has been leading industry efforts to move away from Magnetic North to True North.
    The presentation will...

  • Use of UAS to Provide Greater Efficiency

    At a time where environment becomes more important than ever, the impact of UAS on environment needs to be tackled. This topic can be addressed from different perspectives and to name a few:

    - What is the environmental impact for using eVTOl/eUA at and near airport? What is the noise impact of ...

  • Aviation Competitiveness Index

    This Skytalk presents the work of the Aviation Competitiveness Working Group (ACWG) established by the Third meeting of the Aviation Data and Analysis Panel (ADAP/3). The ACWG is tasked with the development of methodologies and data sources to arrive at a global aviation competitiveness index. Th...

  • Promover la igualdad de Genero, es una meta de OACI

    "Esta charla Skytalk tratará sobre el compromiso de la OACI con el avance en igualdad de género en el sector de la aviación y su apoyo con varias iniciativas dentro de nuestra organización, como el Programa de Igualdad de Género de la OACI, que favorece progresos hacia el objetivo ambicioso en ig...

  • ICAO Long-term Traffic Forecasts

    This session provides an overview of the development of ICAO long-term traffic forecasts and post-COVID-19 scenarios. Additionally, results and outlook of air traffic in the next 30 years will be presented.

  • Health dimension - HLCC and TF-HIOA

    Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ICAO has been acting as the main forum for States and relevant international organizations to share, develop and promote relevant guidance to facilitate the restart and recovery of civil aviation from the pandemic as well as a resilient future civil aviation. The...