Innovation Webinar Series

Innovation Webinar Series

The Innovation Webinar Series showcases innovations in aviation to help viewers understand the technologies, challenges and potential for them to deliver on the United Nations Development Goals.

The series introduces the various ICAO tools and products and services that are designed to be used by the innovation community. Episodes feature expert panel discussions related to three key components: the innovations themselves, matching innovations to the problems that they can help solve, and the regulatory challenges to ensure safe, secure, environmentally friendly operations.

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Innovation Webinar Series
  • Introduction to the ICAO Innovation in Aviation Gateway

    The ICAO Innovation in Aviation Gateway is a starting point for those who want to navigate through the constantly evolving eco-system on Innovation in Aviation. It is also a meeting point for ideas and those behind them as they work on the future of aviation. This first webinar in the series on i...

  • Overview of the ICAO Innovation Workshop

    This webinar gives an overview of ICAO's Innovation Workshop, which covers the fundamentals of innovation in aviation - what innovation means and how it exists in the aviation sector. The workshop intends to host a dialogue between industry, regulators, and the research community to critically ex...

  • The Ambular Project

    In 2018, a group of ICAO staff developed a use case for an eVTOL that is related to emergency response. This project, called the Ambular, was made to imagine the future of aviation and the services new aircraft could offer. In pursuing that question the team also developed a virtual reality appli...

  • Automated Operations in the Stratosphere by Loon

    Loon explores a new way of providing internet access to more people around the world by using a network of high-altitude unmanned free balloons. Loon's technology has the potential to expand existing internet connectivity options, especially for people in rural and remote areas, as well as in tim...

  • Global Symposium on the Implementation of Innovation in Aviation

    This year the ICAO Innovation Symposium will be an online event. The main event will be from 08 to 11 December 2020 and be held online in three separate time zones - Bangkok, Paris and Montreal.

    In the lead up to the main event, ICAO has been running the Innovation Series on ICAO TV. This webina...