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The DRONE ENABLE symposium engages key stakeholders from industry, academia, government and international organizations involved in the unmanned aviation sector to exchange best practices, lessons learned, research material and challenges related to the introduction of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and UAS traffic management (UTM).

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  • Welcome Remarks and RPAS Programme

    Episode 1

    This session provides an overview of the work being undertaken by ICAO and the advancement of RPAS regulatory material.

  • UAS Advisory Group: Aircraft Registry Network & UAS Impact. Unifly Presentation

    Episode 2

    This session summarizes the work of the ICAO UAS Advisory Group, including the most recent updates to the UTM Framework based on the information derived from DRONE ENABLE/2, updates to the ICAO UAS Toolkit and the results of the DRONE ENABLE/3 RFI Process. Aircraft Registry Network (ARN): The air...

  • Trust Framework

    Episode 3

    Providing identification and integrity for global interoperability while managing change and growth. Future challenges of aviation in connectivity and cyber security, covering remote ID and global drone registry concepts, as well as collaboration of actors to build a trust framework. This session...

  • Information Management

    Episode 4

    How can information management meet the requirements of the UAS community to ensure that the required information (including aeronautical, geospatial, meteorological, flight and flow, security, etc.) is valid, current and accurate, and made readily available in support of drone operations?

  • Deconfliction and Separation Management

    Episode 5

    Deconfliction and separation management are key tenents of aviation safety that apply equally to unmanned aviation. This session will explore these considerations including the processes, procedures and associated tools to support strategic and tactical separation management, and the development ...

  • Deconfliction and Separation Management (Cont'd)

    Episode 6

    Deconfliction and Separation Management (Cont'd)

    Deconfliction and separation management are key tenants of aviation safety that apply equally to unmanned aviation. This session will explore these considerations including the processes, procedures and associated tools to support strategic and ta...

  • UTM Service Suppliers Organizational Construct and Approval Processes (Cont'd)

    Episode 7

    This session will consider potential certification requirements for UTM Service Providers, whether they should be held to similar standards as ATM Service Providers, what standards would need to be applied if certifying a USS, and what organizations would develop such standards.

  • Risk Assessment and Contingency Operations, Presentation from DJI

    Episode 8

    This session will focus on key principles of UTM risk management (strategic, tactical and contingency/emergency) and aims to clarify what should be considered when establishing a "UTM risk assessment model". Presenters will discuss both current ATM risk management and novel proposals in UTM and U...

  • Industry Successes

    Episode 9

    At DRONE ENABLE/1, industry and regulators recognized the urgent need for a UAS identification standard that would be flexible enough to meet the diverse needs of States yet specific enough to allow manufacturers to build products to be operated globally. In this panel, experts will discuss the s...

  • Operational Experiences

    Episode 10

    Exploring a pair of use cases from opposite ends of the spectrum; from a small island State with limited capacity to a large advanced State. This session will identify the issues and challenges related to beyond visual line-of-sight operations and provide insight to assist all States in facilitat...

  • UAS Operations, Cooperative Separation of Stratospheric Ops, Meituan Presents

    Episode 11

    UAS Operations Over the High Seas Many States and UAS operators are interested in, or are already conducting, UAS operations over the high seas. However, under the current regulatory regime, such operations must be approved by the State of Registry and be conducted in accordance with ICAO Annex 2...

  • Flight Rules Panel, Drone Enable/3 Recap, Wrap up and Next Steps

    Episode 12

    Flight Rules UAS and their associated technology are introducing new aviation challenges not foresee even a few years ago. One challenge pertains to the flight rules - instrument and visual - which have provided for effective airspace management for many years. This panel will discuss whether the...