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Multi-governance of UAM

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  • The Governance of Artificial Intellig...

    In a year, a lot has happened on the Artificial Intelligence scene, both on the front of the technology advancement, with the exponential rise in computing capabilities and in the area of governance, underpinned by the realization that the adequate framework should be established to allow for tec...

  • EASA perspective on eMCO

    Andrea BOIARDI, Chief Expert, EASA
    Gianluca MELE, Flight Test Engineer, EASA
    Erick FERRANDEZ, EASA Representative to ICAO & Canada, EASA

    The ANC Talk by EASA in Extended Minimum Crew Operations (eMCO) will present how EASA tackles this concept, leveraging advanced auto...

  • AI Applications for the Next Age in A...

    Presenter: Dr. Antony Evans, Airbus UTM Director of System Design at Acubed

    AI Applications for the Next Age in Aviation” will be led by Dr. Antony Evans, Director of Uncrewed Traffic Management (UTM) System Design at Acubed, Airbus’ innovation center in Silicon Valley. This session will provid...