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Air Navigation World

Upcoming Aerodrome Standards and future needs

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Up Next in Air Navigation World 2023

  • NOTAM Replacement

    The current NOTAM system needs to evolve to meet the needs of the diversity of users of the future air navigation system. The aeronautical information world is undergoing a digital and service-oriented transformation enabled by SWIM. Therefore, there is an opportunity to introduce a new model for...

  • Helicopter Safety

    This session aims to identify the key areas of work to reduce the global helicopter accident rate.
    Moderator: James VIOLA, President/CEO of Helicopter Association International
    Jorge CASTILLO, Manager General Aviation (Airplanes, Rotorcraft, & Emerging Aircraft) with AIR’s Technical Pol...

  • Age Limitations

    This session will discuss the factors to consider when determining age limitations for aviation license-holders in international civil aviation operations.
    Moderator: Christoph AMMANN, CMD B777, TRI/TRE, Swissair
    Claude PREITNER, Acting Principal Medical Officer, New Zealand CAA Stuart ...