Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS)

  • UTM Financial Sustainability Strategies

    How that several States, organizations, and industry members have begun implementing UTM Systems and offering UTM services, the question of how such services can be sustained from a financial perspective remains open. This webinar will look at business models for UTM, as well as associated owners...

  • RPAS International IFR Regulatory Framework

    The webinar provides an overview of ICAO's activities to support the safe development of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) into the aviation system, primarily for international IFR operations. Following foundational background on ICAO's mandate to address unmanned aviation ("Why is ICAO in...

  • Unmanned Aviation: Addressing Emerging Challenges to Support Safe Development

    The presentation will address the following:
    - Update on uses and business models for unmanned aircraft;
    - Aviation regulation applies to unmanned aircraft;
    - Innovative nature of technologies, sometimes at odds with the existing regulatory framework: Which flight rules? Impact of automation on r...

  • Air Navigation Bureau: The Future of RPAS

  • Stratospheric Operations