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Watch this video and more on ICAO TV

Key features of a modern passport


Up Next in Game-Changing Technologies Driving Seamless Border Management (TRIP 2021)

  • TRIP Symposium 2021 - DAY 1

    DAY 1
    Opening Session and Remarks - ICAO TRIP 2021 Virtual Symposium
    Session 1. Setting The Scene
    Sky Talk - HID GLOBAL
    Sky Talk - REGULA
    Session 2. Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs)
    Sky Talk - SICPA

  • TRIP Symposium 2021 - DAY 2

    Day 2
    Session 3. Making Travel Seamless With Digital Identity
    Sky Talk - VERIDOS
    Sky Talk - OVD KINEGRAM
    Session 4. Specifications Behind Technologies For Health Certificates Supporting Reopening Of Borders In COVID-19 Pandemic Times
    Closing Of ICAO TRIP 16th Symposium

  • TRIP Symposium 2021 - DAY 3

    DAY 3
    Opening Session & Remarks- Joint ICAO/INTERPOL Passenger Data Exchange Forum
    Session 1. Passenger Data Exchange – Concept & International Tools
    Sky Talk - ENTRUST
    Sky Talk - IN GROUPE
    Session 2. Advance Passenger Information
    Sky Talk - ANY SECURITY