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Skytalks are 30-minute presentations (including Q&A) exploring international civil aviation developments of importance to the entire aviation community. You can revisit past Assembly Skytalks on ICAO TV or

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  • Skytalk by ICAO CDI, Predicting and Addressing States Implementation Challenges

    Episode 1

    Join Paule ASSOMOU, DG, Cameroon CAA; Padhraic KELLEHER, P/ANC; Nina BROOKS, VP, ICCAIA; Oscar QUESADA, DRD/SAM and Jorge VARGAS, D/CDI for a brainstorming session to discuss strategies for better integrating ICAO’s Standards Making and Implementation Support Activities.

  • Skytalk by NAV CANADA: True North

    Episode 2

    To provide an update on the safety issues surrounding the data discrepancies in magnetic variation tables for sir operations, plans to correct it by switching to True Azimuth and the results of last year's ICAO survey on readiness to adopt True North world-wide.

    Speakers: Anthony MacKay, Vice Pr...

  • Skytalk by La Isla - ANSELMO : The CNS Digital Twin

    Episode 3

  • Skytalk by Aireon: Trusted Data & the Transition to Real-Time Safety Assurance

    Episode 4

    In the next two decades, aviation will witness the emergence of new players and operational demands that are set to fundamentally reshape the airspace system. These changes will be driven by fresh operational paradigms, such as Autonomous Flight, Commercial Space Operations, Integration of Unmann...

  • Skytalk by Startical/Indra: Satellite-based VHF Communications

    Episode 5

    Space-based VHF communication is a concept in which aircraft provide communications between the aircraft to air traffic control (ATC) via satellite-based VHF. This concept, when implemented, is expected to support air traffic management and flight operations in oceanic and remote airspace and wil...

  • Skytalk by Indra: Transforming Skies Together

    Episode 6

    Indra’s ATM Systems. How Indra ATM systems are facing ATM world key challenges with different systems within Indra ATM portfolio.

    Speaker: Marina Martín Ortigosa, ATM Solution Sales Manager, Indra

  • System Qualification Challenges in ATM Domain & Way Forward

    Episode 7

    While the ATM industry tends to capitalize on its development activities by moving from a project-based model to a product-based model, its stakeholders face several challenges such as heterogeneity of risk definition and required level of safety, lack of harmonised qualification processes from s...