Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Symposium

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Symposium

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Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Symposium
  • Welcome Remarks & Global Perspectives and Challenges

    Episode 1

    Welcome Remarks:
    Dr. Fang LIU, Secretary General, ICAO
    Mr. PENG Yuxing, Vice Governor, The People's Government of Sichuan Province
    Mr. WANG Zhiqing, Deputy Administrator, Civil Aviation Administration of China
    Mr. CAI Jun, Deputy Director General, Office of China State Air Traffic Control Commis...

  • Categorization responding to the rapid expansion of the unmanned industry

    Episode 2

    The speed at which unmanned aviation is developing challenges the existing operational environment. A new paradigm for regulating these aircraft is needed that considers the aircraft and operation jointly.

    Moderator: Mr. Nico Voorbach, Director ICAO Affairs, CANSO

    Mr. Mike Lis...

  • Keynote & RPAS Operations beyond the paradigm of manned aviation

    Episode 3

    Keynote Speech
    Ms. Poppy Khoza, Director of Civil Aviation, South Africa

    RPAS OPERATIONS – beyond the paradigm of manned aviation
    The unique characteristics of RPAS components, which differ in many ways from manned aviation, bring new challenges for RPAS operators. This session will discuss such...

  • RPAS Regulatory Framework Standards development to implementation

    Episode 4

    Licensing and training of remote pilots is one of the pillars to enable safe RPAS operations. As ICAO’s regulatory framework is evolving with SARPs on these two topics already adopted, participants will share their experiences on strategies to transition from regulatory development to implementat...

  • Benefits and Challenges implementing harmonized regulations

    Episode 5

    Aviation is an international activity which is supported through use of harmonized regulations. Panellists will discuss the benefits of working regionally and globally to implement regulations and oversee operations.

    Moderator: Mr. Arun Mishra, Regional Director, ICAO Bangkok Office

    Panel dis...

  • Keynote Speech & RPAS Operations Impact on other stakeholders

    Episode 6

    Keynote Speech:
    Mr. Logan Jones, Senior Director HorizonX & NeXt, Boeing

    RPAS Operations – Impact on other stakeholders:
    When introducing any new type of airspace user into the existing air navigation system, potential safety or efficiency impacts on other airspace users may emerge. This session...

  • Integration Plans issues to be addressed when integrating RPAS into ATM system

    Episode 7

    The absence of an on-board pilot will necessitate some unique procedures in the integration of RPA into non-segregated airspace. ANSPs will be invited to discuss the challenges and risks associated with integration. What should ANSPs do to minimize the risk in order to seamlessly integrate RPA in...

  • Building A Performance-Based Regulatory Env For RPAS Operations Are States ready

    Episode 8

    RPAS are creating a new industry with large economic potential. Their associated technologies and operating concepts are evolving rapidly. Globally, regulators are being challenged with the safe and efficient integration of RPAS into environments shared by a highly regulated and well-established ...

  • Emerging Technologies the balance between legacy and innovation

    Episode 9

    Technological advances can improve the safety and efficiency of our airspace but they also bring challenges. This session will showcase emerging technologies, their potential capabilities and the gaps or shortcomings as we look for interoperable solutions.

    Moderator: Mr. Filippo Tomasello, Seni...

  • Civil and Military Collaboration From Legacy to Partnership

    Episode 10

    Civil and military cooperation contributes to safety as well as capacity and efficiency of airspace. Collaboration enhances these further. As RPAS are introduced into the civil aviation environment, military lessons learned, as well as operational inputs, will optimize our progress on a regulator...

  • Focus on China, ATM - UTM Preview of DRONE ENABLE-2, & Wrap up

    Episode 11

    Focus on China
    Many exciting RPAS related activities are underway in China. What are they and what can the rest of the world learn from these activities?

    Moderator: Mr. Yang Fei, Coordinator of UAS Leadership Office, Office of Air Traffic Regulation, CAAC, China

    Chen Guangcheng, ...