Innovation Webinar Series

Innovation Webinar Series

3 Seasons

The Innovation Webinar Series showcases innovations in aviation to help viewers understand the technologies, challenges and potential for them to deliver on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The series introduces the various ICAO tools and products and services that are designed to be used by the innovation community. Episodes feature expert panel discussions related to three key components: the innovations themselves, matching innovations to the problems that they can help solve, and the regulatory challenges to ensure safe, secure, environmentally friendly operations.

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Innovation Webinar Series
  • Live Q&A session for the ICAO Innovation Competition

    Episode 1

    Participants around the globe will have until 30 September 2023 to prepare and submit their proposals before the competition is officially closed. Take advantage of our 1-hour Q&A live session to clarify any questions or concerns!

  • Challenges and Opportunities for eVTOL Aircraft in South America 

    Episode 2

    The aerospace industry is rapidly approaching a technological revolution. Currently, hundreds of eVTOL manufacturers are developing their aircraft with the intent of reducing cost and noise as compared to traditional helicopters. Some will be ready to enter service as soon as 2023, however, the r...

  • Innovation in ICAO: Digitization of Innovations in Aviation 

    Episode 3

    Join us on The Innovation in ICAO: Digitization of Innovations in Aviation webinar on Thursday, July 28 at 0900 hrs EDT.

    ICAO has been digitizing aspects of Innovations in Aviation.  The concepts, the use cases, the technical detail. This allows for easier and more dynamic interaction with them ...

  • A strategic view of Innovation in Aviation and the enabling role for ICAO

    Episode 4

    Following key decisions and important work on innovation at ICAO, this webinar will be the opportunity to reconnect with the aviation community and all stakeholders engaged on innovations that could lead to aviation applications. ICAO Member States would also benefit from receiving updates on imp...

  • Behavioural science in aviation

    Episode 5

    In the context of the 2022 UN Behavioural Science Week, ICAO hosted a panel on Behavioural Science in Aviation.
    Behavioural science has the potential to support the contribution of international civil aviation to sustainable development. Positive impacts are foreseen in applying behavioural sci...