ICAO Training Webinars

ICAO Training Webinars

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The International Civil Aviation Organization's commitment to civil aviation extends beyond the creation of standards. We recognize that civil aviation is dynamic and multifaceted. ICAO Training offers a range of diverse training to build aviation professional's competencies.

We offer training in various languages, and our courses are available in person and virtually to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for a wide range of participants.

To learn more about these categories and training, watch our dedicated ICAO Training Webinars. We invite you to subscribe to the ICAO Training Newsletter to stay informed on our latest courses! https://promo.unitingaviation.com/training-interests/

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ICAO Training Webinars
  • Accelerating Change through Female Empowerment in Aviation

    Episode 1

    ICAO's Training Awareness Week will kick off with a webinar on the barriers women face within the aviation industry and opportunities to foster gender balance through the identification of concrete actions. Following the webinar, nominated female aviation professionals from around the globe will ...

  • Rendez-vous with the AMPAP team and graduates

    Episode 2

    Almost overnight, since March 2020, we have been witnessing a dramatic change in the aviation arena which continues to evolve. New opportunities and challenges are appearing at a rapid pace. The ACI-ICAO Airport Management Professional Accreditation Programme (AMPAP) is right for high-performance...

  • Airport Safety Professional (ASP) Designation Programme - Information Session

    Episode 3

    Hear from airport professionals and State regulators on how the ASP designation programme provided them with the required knowledge and skills enabling them to improve the performance of airports in their core Safety mission.

    The Global ACI-ICAO Airport Safety Professional (ASP) designation prog...