7 Seasons

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  • The ICAO Security Culture Webinar

    Episode 1

    The Webinar highlights global security culture achievements in 2021, with speakers sharing their Year of Security Culture experiences and reflecting on milestones achieved. The Webinar also highlights the various security culture tools, resources and guidance available to support a permanent focu...

  • ICAO Webinar on Insider Threat

    Episode 2

    Getting ahead of the insider threat.
    The insider threat is real and ever-evolving. Terrorists consistently look to exploit vulnerabilities in security controls and commit acts of unlawful interference (AUI) against civil aviation by exploiting aviation personnel. Equally, aviation personnel might...

  • The Promise of Open Architecture

    Episode 3

    The evolution of security equipment, coupled with the exponential improvements of algorithms, machine learning capabilities and growing power of data analytics, is paving the way to addressing the challenges inherent in security screening by achieving a more cohesive, secure, resilient, and inter...

  • Artificial intelligence – The Future of Threat Detection?

    Episode 4

    Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have immense applicability in a variety of industries, including aviation. When considering aviation security and facilitation, AI could drive more efficient and effective analysis of video surveillance data, enhanced behavioral analysis, and more intelli...

  • Keep Moving Forward – Innovation Towards Seamless and Contactless Travel

    Episode 5

    Facilitation of seamless travel through one’s journey has been a focus of aviation for many years, with rapid traveler throughput leading to operational efficiencies and enhanced passenger experience. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to increased attention towards touchless processing. Implementatio...