Facilitation Skytalks

Facilitation Skytalks

Skytalks are 30-minute presentations, including Q&A, by aviation subject matter experts on topics related to the development of the industry, its regulations, and its future. Skytalks profile international civil aviation developments of interest and importance to the entire aviation community.

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Facilitation Skytalks
  • Annex 9 – Facilitation Highlights

    Annex 9 ― Facilitation to the Convention on International Civil Aviation establishes international Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) regarding border controls at international airports. The presentation will highlight the SARPs of contemporary interest or concern to Member States, inclu...

  • Facilitation Programmes: General Overview

    The main Facilitation objective is the efficient management of border control processes to expedite clearance of aircraft, passengers/crew, baggage and cargo. ICAO’s work in the field of Facilitation will be detailed for the three separate, but inter-related, programmes, Annex 9 — Facilitation,...

  • Facilitation Training courses

    Facilitation Training courses- Control of travel documents and Annex 9 provisions. The presentation will describe the contents of the ICAO Training Package (ITP) ‘’Control of the authenticity and validity of travel documents at airport borders’’ which is available in all ICAO languages and will p...