Secure ID Technology by EmpTech

Secure ID Technology by EmpTech

About EmpTech:
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Established in 1995, Emperor Technology ("EmpTech") is a leading Integral Identity Information Service Provider, dedicated in Secure Identity Information Connection technologies and service. Over the past 25 years, we’ve drawn on our experience to produce a comprehensive range of End-to-End solution, including Information Carrier Data Security, Physical and Digital Identity Verification, Smart Card & Card-free ePayment, etc.

Now, we are providing Secure Identity, Biometric Verification, Smart Payment, IoT products and service, widely applied in Secure Identity Documentation, eGovernment, Foreign Affairs Management, Smart Transportation, Smart Banking, e-Security and Election areas, and serving more than 3 billion people all over the world.

Besides subsidiary companies in Beijing, HongKong, Baotou, Changsha and Huizhou, and 5 branch offices in Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Xi’an and Chengdu in China, we now have BD & Service Centers in the US, India, Russia and Nigeria to provide local supports and customer care to our global customers.

As for ‘Identity Information Integral Service Provider’, we are keeping optimizing our products and solutions to meet growing competition and challenges, formatting a healthy ecological chain for secure identity information, thus to make the identity verification and management safer and smarter.

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Secure ID Technology by EmpTech
  • MRTD and Identity Services

    Explore EmpTech's identity solutions in this SkyTalk by Sean Zheng, President at EmpTech.

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  • Multi-Layer Perso (MLP)

    Innovative Color Printing Technology on Polycarbonate Security Documents.

    MLP, the multi-layer personalization technology for polycarbonate Passport or IDs, includes Laser Engraving, Ink-jet Printing, Digital Printing and Epoxy Overlay techniques, which can achieve Unique and Customized on each ...

  • MLP DESK series for Card & Passport Issuance

    EmpTech is pleased to announce the launch of its new Desktop Personalization Systems, the MLP DESK, the serial products include MLP DeskCard and MLP DeskBook.

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    MLP DESK offers the possibility of delivering high-quality card and passport personalization. The com...

  • Digital ID: EMPcode

    Introducing EMPcode by EmpTech, a unique digital identity solution that uses QR codes and biometrics for anti-counterfeiting, anti-tamper and anti-repudiation.

    The innovative digital solution is powered by facial recognition technology and can be widely used in various scenarios such as access c...