Council Informal Briefings

Council Informal Briefings

4 Episodes

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Council Informal Briefings
  • Informal Briefing on International Aviation Trust Framework

    This briefing offers an overview of the threats associated with emerging global cyber context, its implications for the international civil aviation sector, and the development of a credible framework to ensure that aviation related data is stored, protected and exchanged in as secure a manner as...

  • Informal Briefing on Smart Vaccination Certificates

    This briefing offers an overview of the current status of international multi-stakeholder discussions related to the deployment of “smart vaccination certificates”, including the requirements and key specifications associated with different models of visible digital seals for non-constraint envir...

  • Informal Briefing AFI PLAN

    This briefing offers an overview of the Comprehensive Regional Implementation Plan for Aviation Safety in Africa (AFI Plan) as well as the related AFI SECFAL Plan, which focuses on aviation security and facilitation. The presentations outline measures being implemented to support the Member State...

  • Support and Capacity-building for Greening Aviation in Times of COVID-19

    This briefing offers an overview of the specific characteristics of ICAO’s environmental protection capacity-building activities aimed at facilitating the State Action Plans of Member States within the context of the No Country Left Behind initiative, including activities for CORSIA implementation