CAPSCA Symposium

CAPSCA Symposium

3 Episodes

‎“The impact of Public Health Events in Aviation - Lessons Learnt for a Resilient Future‎”‎

CAPSCA Members and Partners, Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs), Public Health Authorities (PHAs), personnel of the national emergency committee, focal points of national ‎facilitation committees and other industry stakeholders discuss together the major challenges civil aviation faces during different types of public health events and identify lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.‎

The aim of the symposium is to improve the effectiveness of prevention and management ‎of public health risks in aviation, strengthen the CAPSCA Programme framework, and build resilience for similar events in future.‎

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CAPSCA Symposium
  • The ICAO CAPSCA Programme | CAPSCA Member States and Lessons Learned

    Episode 1

    CAPSCA member States discuss lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic and how CAPSCA can ‎assist States with the implementation of ICAO public health-related Standards, Recommended Practices and ‎guidance material, and the International Health Regulations aviation-related provisions. ‎

  • Collaboration between Public Health and Aviation

    Episode 2

    National and international public health and civil aviation authorities discuss the lessons learned, good ‎practices and challenges in their multisectoral collaboration for the purposes of conducting risk assessments, ‎evaluating and calibrating risk mitigation measures, and communicating such me...

  • Strengthening the CAPSCA Programme

    Episode 3

    CAPSCA Sponsors discuss their collaboration with CAPSCA.‎ States discuss proposals on how to better integrate the CAPSCA programme in other emergency ‎management programmes within aviation and/or public health emergency management systems. ‎