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Watch this video and more on ICAO TV

Air Navigation World

Harmonized & quantitative meteorological information services

1h 14m

Up Next in Air Navigation World 2023

  • Air Navigation System: Sustainability...

    This eighth session focuses on the definition of new approaches to achieve the optimum decision-making scenario ensuring access and equity. The simple rules of rationing air traffic flow management and time-based scheduling, implemented in the past, need to be replaced through a gradual introduct...

  • Delivery, use and integration of futu...

    Information session on global requirements for the provision of advanced meteorological information including:
    Current and foreseen user requirements of advanced meteorological information services,
    Enhancement of meteorological observation and forecast solutions,
    Integrated use of quantitative m...

  • Moderator recap

    The moderators of each session will provide an overview and summary of topics discussed, focusing on potential action items and the way forward.