Aerodromes and Airport Operations

Aerodromes and Airport Operations

A series on technical aspects of aerodromes and airport operations.

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Aerodromes and Airport Operations
  • Heliports Manual (Doc 9261)

    Watch Okan Dogan, the Technical Officer in Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO, talk about The Fifth Edition of the Heliport Manual (Doc 9261). This publication provides guidance for the implementation of the Annex 14 — Aerodromes, Volume Il — Heliports. The manual consists of two parts: Part I addresses...

  • Aerodrome Design Manual - Runways (Doc 9157- Part 1)

    Joseph Cheong, Technical Officer of Aerodromes at ICAO, discusses the updates of the latest 4th edition of Doc 9157 - Part 1. The manual provides further guidance and information that supports the operational practices and requirements needed for runway configuration, runway length, aeroplane per...

  • Aerodrome Design Manual - Visual Aids (Doc 9157- Part 4)

    Interview with Ryo Mizushima, Technical Officer, Aerodromes and Airport Operations at ICAO on Doc 9157 - Part 4 and the updates on the latest 5th edition. The manual is available on the ICAO store:

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