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ACT-SAF Series

Episode 2 - Sustainability

1h 20m

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  • Episode 3 - SAF production technologi...

    This ACT-SAF Training event provides an understanding of the specifications of Aviation Turbine Fuels, and on the process to approve new pathways for its production and use on aircraft.

  • Episode 4 - Policies for SAF and clea...

    This ACT-SAF training event presents practical experiences from States that are developing policies for SAF and cleaner energy sources.

  • Episode 5 - Fuel conversion processes

    This ACT-SAF Series provides details on four ​​Conversion processes available to produce SAF:
    - HEFA - hydroprocessed esters and fatty acids
    - ATJ - Alcohol to jet
    - Fischer-Tropsch
    - Power to Liquids (PtL)