Top Videos of 2020

  • Multi-Layer Perso (MLP)

    Innovative Color Printing Technology on Polycarbonate Security Documents.

    MLP, the multi-layer personalization technology for polycarbonate Passport or IDs, includes Laser Engraving, Ink-jet Printing, Digital Printing and Epoxy Overlay techniques, which can achieve Unique and Customized on each ...

  • Urban Air Mobility

  • COVID-19 Webinar Series

    36 videos

    The COVID-19 Webinar Series presents updates and information on the various ways ICAO is currently supporting the civil aviation community during the pandemic crisis. The series is hosted by leading international experts in their fields.

  • Automated Operations in the Stratosphere by Loon

    Loon explores a new way of providing internet access to more people around the world by using a network of high-altitude unmanned free balloons. Loon's technology has the potential to expand existing internet connectivity options, especially for people in rural and remote areas, as well as in tim...

  • Regula: Document Reader SDK

    Regula Document Reader SDK for mobile devices is a robust, secure and cost-effective solution for instant filling in forms with personal data from passports, IDs, visas, and driver's licenses.

  • Elevated Skin Temperature Screening at Canadian Airports

    When the Canadian government mandated temperature checks for air passengers and employees to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, OARO was chosen for our fast, accurate and contactless screening solution based on the latest thermal cameras from FLIR.

    Learn more about OARO:
    Contact OAR...

  • 2020 Stocktaking Seminar on aviation in-sector CO₂ emissions reductions

    4 videos

    The SkyLive stream of Stocktaking 2020 is brought to you by The International Coordinating Council of Aerospace Industries Associations (ICCAIA). Learn more about ICCAIA at

    The 2020 Virtual ICAO Stocktaking Seminar will consider innovative solutions to unlock current and futu...

  • Global Symposium on the Implementation of Innovation in Aviation

    1 season

    The Series will showcase innovations in aviation with a view to helping viewers understand the technologies, the challenges and the potential for them to deliver on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It will include sessions that introduce the audience to the various ICAO tools, s...

  • TCB Portfolio of Products and Services

    ICAO's Technical Cooperation Bureau (TCB) Portfolio of Products and Services.

    The webinar gives you a quick overview of the wide range of products and services provided by TCB. Learn how TCB can assist you in the safe and secure restart of your State's aviation operations and ensure compliance ...

  • Safety Operational Measures Framework

    Due to the urgent need to reduce the risks related to the COVID -19 pandemic by air transport and as a result of social distancing practices, closure of workspaces and other public health intervention measures, a number of States are taking various actions to enable service providers and personne...

  • Global Aviation Security Symposium AVSEC2020

    9 videos

    "The ICAO Global Aviation Security Symposium 2020 (AVSEC2020) has a theme of “Improving Security Culture by Connecting the Dots”. This is timely given that 2021 is the ICAO Year of Security Culture. The Symposium highlights the importance of raising security awareness in aviation, especially in ...

  • ANC Talks: Water Aerodromes

    Discussion on the significance of water aerodromes with representatives from the Indonesia Embassy to Canada and Transport Canada.

  • COVID-19 and Small Island Developing States

    Paul Hooper, Aviation Economist discusses the effects of COVID-19 on Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and how these states can use new policy frameworks to adapt to the new normal.

  • Management of Aviation Safety Risks Related to COVID-19 for CAAs

    The successful management of the COVID-19 pandemic requires the assessment and management of risks that extend beyond the boundaries of managing aviation safety risks as defined in Annex 19 — Safety Management. Civil aviation authorities (CAAs) need to understand their role in supporting the miti...

  • Enabling UAS Operations Part 1

    In this webinar, ICAO will address unique opportunities demonstrating the benefits of UAS during the current health crisis. The guidance information that will be presented will assist States and UAS operators to enable UAS operations safely and effectively. Topics of discussion during the webinar...

  • Beyond Digital Transformation in Aviation

    Building the digital sky of the future: all about how digital transformation is making aviation a totally seamless passenger experience from door to door.

  • Council's Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART)

    5 videos

    The work of the ICAO Council’s Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) is aimed at providing practical, aligned guidance to governments and industry operators in order to restart the international air transport sector and recover from the impacts of COVID-19 on a coordinated global basis.

    The CART’...

  • Innovation Webinar Series

    7 videos

    The Innovation Webinar Series showcases innovations in aviation to help viewers understand the technologies, challenges and potential for them to deliver on the United Nations Development Goals.

    The series introduces the various ICAO tools and products and services that are designed to be used b...

  • Preventing Human Trafficking

    2 videos

    United Nations efforts to prevent trafficking in persons took an important step forward with the launch of the new online training to support the implementation of the ICAO-OHCHR Guidelines for Training Cabin Crew on Identifying and Responding to Trafficking in Persons.

  • Border Security Interviews

    3 videos

  • Interviews

    8 videos

    A series of interviews with leaders from the aviation industry, ICAO subject matter experts, and other aviation influencers.