ICAO World Aviation Forum 2019

ICAO World Aviation Forum 2019

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With the theme of “Innovation in Aviation”, the 2019 Forum was designed for high-level government officials responsible for aviation, transport, science and technology, finance, economic planning, trade, international development and cooperation, and other key portfolios, as well as industry partners and high-tech companies.

During the Forum, a series of interactive sessions led to the development of policies, business models, regulatory processes and governance that will drive innovation for sustainable aviation development. Furthermore, making frontier technologies accessible and affordable can contribute to the early realization of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals set in the UN 2030 Agenda and will support ICAO’s No Country Left Behind (NCLB) initiative.

The Forum was held in parallel with the Innovation Fair which showcased a range of new technologies and ideas that are being applied, or have the potential to be applied, to aviation.

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ICAO World Aviation Forum 2019
  • Opening Session: Innovation for Sustainable Aviation Development

    This Plenary Session is designed to provide insight on the ways innovation can be implemented for aviation development and inspire policy makers on how innovation can be embraced by governments. The high-level discussants will address measures to, inter alia, establish innovation-friendly markets...

  • Workshop 1: Frontier Technologies in Aviation

    This hands-on interactive workshop will feature a number of presentations from entrepreneurs and leading thinkers who showcase latest successful innovation stories in aviation, urban and last-mile transportation. These case studies will shed light on the power of innovation and give attendees the...

  • Workshop 2: Air Transport for Today and Tomorrow

    Focusing on future air and urban mobility landscapes, entrepreneurs and leading thinkers will describe how far technological advances can go and what makes innovation an enabling technology force in aviation. The participants will be invited to exchange their ideas, discuss concepts and distingui...

  • High-level Talks between stakeholders and Closing Remarks

    Looking toward the future, this dialogue will take place to deliberate “how innovation can be used by governments to increase their efficiency and effectiveness”, “which approach should be taken to make innovation more accessible and deployable” and “what kind of policies can encourage and accele...

  • Ministerial Roundtable 1: Policy and Business Models for Innovation

    New technological innovation, such as “mobility revolution” and “sharing economy”, has created disruptive effects on the market and generated benefits for wider society. The aviation industry should continue to embrace new technologies to transform ways of doing business while ensuring their safe...

  • Ministerial Roundtable 2: Innovation in Aviation Regulation and Governance

    Technological progress is enabled through the relevant regulatory processes in each State, but government policies and practices have often not kept pace with the speed of change. The key is to establish good governance with greater coordination and communication between and across transport auth...