ICAO Training

ICAO Training

ICAO Training
  • Civil Aviation Authority Senior and Middle Managers Course

    In 2018, ICAO and the government of China created a training course for senior and middle managers of Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs). This course aimed to support civil aviation managers in developing the right skills to properly implement ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs).
    The ...

  • Learn more about our Facilitation courses

    ICAO is offering new training in the field of Facilitation to support States in maximizing the efficiency of border clearance facilities while ensuring high-quality security and effective law enforcement. New courses are now available to foster the implementation of Annex 9 - Facilitation Standar...

  • Learn more about our Flight Safety and Safety Management Courses

    ICAO's safety portfolio of courses is constantly growing to meet the industry's priority needs. With aviation safety being at the core of ICAO’s fundamental objectives, ICAO is providing you with the most up to date and relevant training to support your compliance efforts related to safety orient...

  • Learn more about our Training Competency Development Courses

    Vicky Princz and Margarita Zakovorotnaya, ICAO Instructional Design Specialists, discuss how training competency development courses pave the route to becoming an ICAO-qualified competency-based course developer, instructor, and manager.

    See a full list of our training competency development cou...

  • Safety Management Online Course

    The Safety Management online course describes ICAO safety management provisions and the implementation of State Safety Programme (SSP) and Safety Management System (SMS) at State and service provider level, respectively.
    This course is most beneficial for those who work for a State regulatory bo...

  • Managing Compliance with ICAO SARPs (MCIS) course

    The aim of the Managing Compliance with ICAO SARPs course is to enable CAA senior and middle managers to plan, manage and continuously monitor the implementation of Standards And Recommended Practices (SARPs) in their States.

    Learn more: https://bit.ly/3Du1CuE

  • Security Training Week (2021) – Opening Ceremony & Panel Discussion

    The Security Training Week comprised of a selection of security related courses developed in partnership with the following key industry players:
    • Airports Council International;
    • UK Civil Aviation Authority International;
    • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; and
    The purpose o...

  • Introduction to Security Culture Course

    As part of our efforts to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of a positive security culture in aviation, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the UK Civil Aviation Authority International (CAAi) have partnered to jointly deliver the “Introduction to Security C...

  • Gestión de la Seguridad Operacional

    En el curso se describen las provisiones sobre gestión de la seguridad operacional de la OACI y la aplicación del Programa Estatal de Seguridad Operacional (SSP) y el Sistema de Gestión de la Seguridad Operacional (SMS) a nivel de Estado y del proveedor de servicios, respectivamente.

  • Aviation Fundamentals (AviFun)

    The Aviation Fundamentals (AviFun) online course provides fundamental knowledge and inspires individuals about the different fields of aviation as they consider their professional goals and career path. The following 9 online modules cover diverse activities and regulations of civil aviation:

    • ...

  • ICAO's Key Competencies Programme (KCP)

    Key Competencies Programme (KCP) provides trainees with key competencies on COVID-19 issues with a new series of online training courses.

    Each KCP course will bring you e-learning certificate opportunities and important knowledge to help you address current challenges affecting the aviation comm...

  • International Air Law Course - Interview with Former Director, ICAO Legal Bureau

    International Air Law Course - Interview with Mr. Jiefang Huang, Former Director of the ICAO Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau.

    The International Air Law course aims to enable representatives of Civil Aviation Administrations, Civil Aviation Authorities, Airports and Air Navigation Se...

  • Overview of Unmanned Aviation Fundamentals

    The Overview of Unmanned Aviation Fundamentals online course provides clear explanations of the differences between manned and unmanned aviation, operational and technical limitations of UA/UAS, RPA/RPAS, and other unmanned aviation operational aspects. This course also addresses the certificatio...